From our start in Canada to becoming recognized as the global leader of outsourced sales in North America, Cydcor has continued its growth. Here are just a few of Cydcor’s milestones.

Cydcor 2011 best place to work

The Los Angeles Business Journal names Cydcor one of the "BEST PLACES TO WORK" for the fourth consecutive year.

Cydcor 2010 retail sales channel

Cydcor begins to aggressively pursue the retail sales channel.

Cydcor 2009 named Global Leader in Outsourced Sales

Cydcor is named the "Global Leader in Outsourced Sales" by Datamonitor and the Black Book of Outsourcing

Cydcor 2008 named best place to work

Cydcor moves into its 19,000-square-foot headquarters in Westlake Village, California. In the same year, Cydcor is named one of The Best Places to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Cydcor 2007 timeline

Cydcor acquired by Golden Gate Capital.

Cydcor 2003 independent company

Cydcor becomes an independent company.

Cydcor 2001 United States

Cydcor moves to the United States.

Cydcor 2000 CEO Gary Polson

Gary Polson becomes CEO.

Cydcor 1995 AT&T Client

AT&T becomes a Cydcor client.

Cydcor 1994 Founded

Cydcor is founded in Canada.

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