Month: August 2010

August 23, 2010

R&R Owners Weekend in Miami Beach

We just wrapped up our annual R&R Owners Weekend event at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. This is an appreciation event for key personnel from our independently owned Cydcor sales offices. While the event had an element of business, the primary focus was rest and relaxation for the more than 600 in attendance.

We enjoyed a weekend full of themed dinners, private group pool cabanas, ocean kayaks, banana boat rides, bocce ball, and ping-pong. The weekend culminated with a “Havana Nights” theme dinner, where we participated in a customized “Minute to Win It” and had a chance to win cash prizes.

We also held our 3rd Annual Charity Tournament event there, helping to raise support and awareness for Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity treating facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates all around the world.

Watch our video recap here: [youtube][/youtube]

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August 16, 2010

Cydcor Named San Fernando Valley’s 2010 ‘Best Places to Work’ for Third Year

Cydcor named best places to workWe’re so happy to announce that we’ve made San Fernando Valley’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for the third year in a row. Cydcor was specifically recognized for a supportive work environment and culture, volunteer opportunities, quality and commitment of management, and benefits.

The Business Journal and Best Companies Group worked together to identify and recognize area companies with a strong commitment to workplace excellence.

Both publicly and privately held organizations were selected based on benefits, corporate philanthropy, policies, work-life balance, internal working conditions, local management, satisfaction, camaraderie and support of employees’ personal growth. Selections were based on company surveys and employee comments.

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August 12, 2010

Learning Is More Important Than Results

Cydcor SalesI had a conversation with an employee the other day concerning self-development.  He believed it was vital at this stage in his career to get to the next level and asked me for my advice.  My suggestion was for him to have an intense student mentality right now and to ask for and follow suggestions from his mentors, whether he agrees with the advice or not, as long as he feels the advice is ethical.

Why follow advice that you disagree with?  A well known and respected CEO, and friend of mine, has been coaching me for about four years now and is often giving me suggestions that I feel will lead to a bad result.  I will give him reasons why I feel his advice is bad but after a conversation if he still believes I should follow his suggestion, I will.

The reason I follow his advice is because I want to learn to grow.  If I always do what I think is best or what I feel comfortable with then I will not grow.  I will just be doing the same thing over and over, like a hamster on a wheel.  The key is not the result I get from following his suggestion, but what I learned in the process.

If I follow my coach’s suggestion and get a positive result, that is great and I will have learned new skills that will last me a lifetime. However, if I follow his suggestion and get a bad result, not all is lost.  I will first review the process and results with my coach to see if I executed properly, but if I find that in the end the suggestion just doesn’t work, then I learned a valuable lesson in what not to do in the future.

A good  or a bad result is not important.  What is important is what is learned along the way.  Getting a good result, but not learning from the process, won’t serve you as well long-term as getting a bad result, but learning the lessons from it.