Month: March 2012

March 28, 2012

Cydcor Participates in the Ventura Corporate Games with Energy and Enthusiasm


A message from Vera Quinn, Chief Operating Officer

Ready, set, go! I’m so excited to see our Cydcor team members prepare for the Ventura Corporate Games – they are gearing up to win in numerous categories including volleyball, bowling, indoor volleyball, basketball, kickball, softball, ping pong, dodgeball, football, 5K, mini golf, bowling, and go-karts. As a corporate sponsor and winner of the JD Probasco Spirit Award in 2011, along with several medals, we have been waiting all year to participate in the event again. We’re in it to win it!

To prepare for the Corporate Games, our team members had a tee-shirt competition and the winning design is being printed on the tee-shirts that we’ll wear during the event. We also participated in numerous “practice” sessions, had motivational meetings, and encouraged one another to attend. During Wednesday night’s opening ceremonies, we will have our own booth, participating in the run/walk/jog and enjoying the food and music.

Our enthusiasm, energy, and dedication aligns with the company’s culture that focuses on bringing out the best in one another and showing pride in every task we take on.  The Corporate Games enables us to demonstrate that pride, coming together as a company to get results. We are constantly supporting one another – during the Corporate Games and on a day-to-day basis. I’m looking forward to the games and watching every participant demonstrate what Cydcor is all about – determination, drive, and the will to succeed. It’s all about the team!

March 26, 2012

Cydcor’s Gardening Event at EARTHS Magnet School a Smashing Success

This past Saturday, Cydcor team members, along with the principal and teacher from EARTHS Magnet School, celebrated spring by participating in the school’s first gardening day! During the course of the day, the group pulled weeds, helped design and work on a butterfly garden, trimmed trees, and cleaned and completed other garden areas on campus. Cydcor has been working with the school for many months, tutoring children, providing meals for families over the holiday season, and creating a “giving tree” over the holidays, which allowed Cydcor team members to personally buy a gift for an individual child. This community outreach has taken a personal turn for many team members, who have found that working together to help others aligns perfectly with Cydcor’s mission – and their own.

With the volunteer help Cydcor provided, the school is now able to execute plans they’ve had in the works for awhile, but didn’t have the budget or time to complete. With Cydcor’s assistance, they are able to accomplish many of these goals. Cydcor’s goal? To continue volunteering and working with the school to create useful programs for the school. When Cydcor puts its mind to something, it can accomplish anything.

March 19, 2012

Cydcor Holds Exclusive Rising Star Event for Top Performers

Hooray for Hollywood – and our Rising Stars! These up-and-coming top performers from independently-owned offices across North America were invited to our exclusive event, “Rising Stars,” which was held in Hollywood, California. Attendees were selected from among a network of 250 offices and had a chance to participate in a variety of educational classes and workshops that focused on a number of topics. During the weekend, they were treated to a night on the town at a popular bowling hotspot and a dinner at a well-known restaurant, where they had the chance to form powerful business relationships – and have some fun (there were several celebrity sightings!). To read more about this important weekend, check out our recent press release!

March 1, 2012

We Are 18 Again!

Cydcor is celebrating its 18 year anniversary! For the past 18 years, the company has grown tremendously and achieved numerous milestones, ranging from a move to the United States in 2001 to its most recent expansion into the retail channel. Just recently, Cydcor announced that the company experienced an overall growth of 15.2 percent in 2011 – an example of the hard work and dedication that each and every Cydcor team member and the field puts into the business every day.

Cydcor started as a small Canadian business to a thriving and profitable company that is looking forward to even more growth and expansion. Today, with hundreds of independently-owned offices across North America selling on behalf of major clients, the company is poised to continue its enormous success. Here’s to the next 18 years!