Month: September 2012

September 27, 2012

Rain Can’t Extinguish Our Fun at R&R!

It may have been raining, but that didn’t stop 650 attendees at this year’s R&R, held at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach, from having a great time! On September 20 – 23, sales office owners, their assistant managers, friends, and family relaxed by the beach in the Southern Florida sun.

Some highlights: A cornhole and dodgeball tournament to raise funds for Operation Smile (more than $3,600 was raised and donated!), a neon-themed dinner, and a spectacular pool party. The “Cydcor’s Got Talent” competition was a big hit as well, with winners receiving cash prizes. The first place winner even had $500 donated to Operation Smile under their name! Throughout the weekend, everyone had a chance to rest and relax – Cydcor’s way of recognizing the sales professionals who work hard every day on behalf of our clients. By providing them with a great venue, food, and entertainment, we are able to really recognize their accomplishments and set the pace for next year.

September 10, 2012

The Greatness of a Powerful Message

One of our sales office owners has made a big impact on me with a mission statement she wrote to capture what the purpose of her business is. She and her statement are such a great example of the best in our business – what makes us unique, and why we attract the best and the brightest.

In her mission, she talks about making sure that every person who comes into her office is given equal opportunity to be successful by creating meaningful and genuine relationships with each individual, constantly working for her people by setting the pace from the front and providing them with time and attention. She also places “importance on transferring knowledge to each person, personally, that’s necessary to open, operate, and grow a business.” Most importantly, she makes a “positive impact on every person that comes in contact with her, her staff, and her company.”

Her perspective on business is one that I feel applies to all of us. A successful business is run by successful people who are committed to achieving great things. In just a short time, she has managed to do extremely well and is one of our top office owners.

Her mission is one that should inspire all of us – good sense for great business.

September 7, 2012

Business Building Blocks: Climbing Up the Knowledge Ladder!

Business Building Blocks (BBB) is a quarterly event designed for our network of sales offices across the country to educate and motivate soon-to-be and new owners. Similar to a mini “college,” the attendees fly to California for a weekend of learning. They hear from various speakers about a slew of subjects ranging from how to open an office successfully to payroll information.

During their stay, they also travel to Cydcor’s corporate office, where they meet and mingle with Cydcor’s team members – and the people they’ll be interacting with regularly.

We recently held a BBB and the response to the event was inspiring. A senior leader spoke to the crowd, answering questions and discussing his success. Administrators from two offices were also in attendance as guest speakers. Attendees even had the opportunity to have a live QA webcast with two remote office owners about a new bonus available to them.

Here’s to learning, networking, and being the best we can be!


September 5, 2012

Better Than an Energy Drink: Canadian Conference Revs Up Attendees!

We just had more than 280 sales office owners, administrators, leaders, and sales reps in Canada attend a Canadian Conference that gave them the opportunity to network, attend valuable learning sessions, and hear from keynote speakers who have been there, done that – and had lots of advice to share.

A representative from a leading Canadian client also spoke to the crowd, talking to them about the sales opportunities and how to address the most challenging aspects of sales.   Awards were given out to those who went above and beyond as well. The overall tone of the event was excitement – enthusiasm when it came to learning, garnering new ideas, and being together in one place.

Not only that, but over this past year, Cydcor’s Canadian sales office have experienced tremendous growth for a leading merchant processing company client. This is big news for the sales offices in the area, as the company has added new products to sell along with various value-added services.

Good for Canada, eh?