Month: October 2013

October 31, 2013

Cydcor Reviews Talent Masters

cydcor reviews talent masters
Cydcor reviews Talent Masters

Cydcor Reviews Talent Masters

Cydcor review by: Gail Michalak, Chief Marketing Officer at Cydcor

Book: Talent Masters by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan

Description:  This book is a description of how to judge exceptional talent within organizations and how to leverage that talent into success for the business.  Bill Conaty has worked closely with legendary CEO Jack Welsh of General Electric and Ram Charan is a consultant that has worked for large corporations all over the world.  Both authors contend that smart leaders put their people first, which leads to better revenue and company culture.  Much like Talent Wars, the previous Cydcor Review, Talent Masters details an effective system for managing talented team members and getting the best results.

Why people should read Talent Masters: Leaders should read this book to learn ways to move talent from the lower rungs up the corporate ladder.  This is the best way to assure teams perform at their top level.  Entry-level employees should read this to take notice of what traits to embody and how to prepare for success at a higher level.  Any professional can benefit from this book by learning how to think about running a team or an organization more effectively.  The book is also a good reminder that top performers at one level won’t necessarily perform the best at all levels.

My favorite part: Differentiation breeds meritocracy, sameness breeds mediocrity.  This is a good way to summarize the idea of celebrating the individual talents of employees and how to capitalize on their strengths.  It is also important to remember that recruiting people from other companies is often a good way of bring fresh ideas and more energy to a position, as long as the new person can assimilate into company culture.

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October 30, 2013

Check Out Cydcor Sites!

Check Out Our Great Sites!

At Cydcor, we want to stay connected with our stakeholders and promote the company culture that has made us one of Los Angeles County’s Best Places to Work.  That’s why we’ve decided to make sure we provide a rich digital landscape for our team and network to see what we’re up to and any advice we can offer for success in the sales industry.  We encourage you to like, share and comment on things such as our Day of Smiles Fundraiser, our Cydcor Team Night Out, and other great events this year.

cydcor twitter
Cydcor Twitter Profile

If you haven’t already please start by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  These social media platforms are the best way to interact with the team and see all of our company news and events.  Meanwhile, our LinkedIn Page is a great place to find job postings and see what business articles we are reading this week.

When you are looking for ways to improve your sales skills, we’ve built some excellent resources. Cydcor Reviews has an archive of great sales and business book suggests and reviews from company team members.  We are also accepting submissions for reviews of your favorite business books.  Over on WordPress, our sales blog provides advice for the budding sales person inside you.

For inspiration, Cydcor Community is a place to promote success and company culture. The community blog is a place to learn more about Cydcor, our charitable work, and things that motivate us.  We also share pictures, provide a portal to our Merlin training program, and provide information on why Cydcor is a great place to work. For our favorite motivational quotes, resources and team fun, please follow us on Pinterest.

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October 29, 2013

Cydcor’s Favorite Books

ImageAt Cydcor, we believe strongly in personal and professional development.  We want our sales rock stars to move on to become management super stars.  Part of our effort to do that is to provide advice and resources for team members to build their communication and leadership skills. We like to collect our favorite books that have inspired us to be better leaders and share them with you on our Cydcor Reviews website.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite book reviews from Cydcor team members.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is a memoir by the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook.  Sandberg discusses the importance of women sticking up for themselves and advancing in the workplace.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne discusses the laws of attraction.  Many people believe that success lies in the realm of the mind, and that you can bring yourself to your goals through positive thinking.  The book has many stories and examples to help you get in the right mindset to achieve the things you want in life.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is a deep look at that moment where a marketing campaign becomes a success. What does it take to make something viral on the web? According to Gladwell, it’s very much like how a disease becomes an epidemic. All it takes is one person, a small and targeted push, to make a campaign worthwhile.

Why We Buy by Paco Underhill is a variety of case studies that make up the mind and behavior of consumers.  Underhill tells us what customers really want and what you can do to get their attention.

What’s your favorite sales book? Who are the authors and business people that inspire you?

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October 25, 2013

Current Jobs At Cydcor

jobs at Cydcor
Join the team today! Find jobs at Cydcor

The Cydcor team is hiring! Cydcor is the outsourced sales expert that customers say yes to. Cydcor professional sales representatives sell products and services to more than 4,000 new customers each business day. Cydcor’s dedicated sales force penetrates markets – achieving results traditional marketing strategies can’t touch. Through more than 32,000 in-person sales visits in the last 12 months, Cydcor continued growing our clients’ business – and got results. We protect our clients’ brands and deliver quality sales.

Why you want to work for Cydcor: we put our team members first.  We believe in serving a higher purpose at work and that includes developing our team members personally and professionally.  We also give back to our local and global communities through corporate charity work and paid volunteer hours.

Currently there are five available jobs at Cydcor:

Campaign Management Specialists (2): Responsible for reviewing and coordinating all data sources from our external sales teams and clients, integrating that data into our internal systems, and reporting sales numbers and results to stakeholders.

Digital Communications Manager: Responsible for managing all social media accounts and content marketing strategy.

Accounts Receivable Specialist:Responsible for handling all accounts receivable at the Cydcor office.

Controller: The controller works with our accounting team to oversee financial statement preparations and the general ledger.

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October 23, 2013

How to Spend More Time Selling

According to Oracle, sales people spent 78% of their time looking for leads.  That leaves very little time for actual selling, especially when relationship building is so crucial to making the sale. So how can one manage leads and spend more time selling? Here are some tips from Cydcor Sales Blog.

Start by organizing your leads into categories of likelihood. One for people who have bought from you before.  Two for people who have expressed interest.  Three for people you think would really benefit from your product or service. And four for completely cold leads.  Categories one and two should take up most of your time, building relationship.

Think of the 80/20, which says that eighty percent of sales come form twenty percent of our clients.  Many sales people and entrepreneurs alike are happier and more profitable when they make the most time for happy, enduring customers.  That is why it is crucial to structure and evolve your business in a way that will bring in streams of income from your best customers.  Whether that is a continued service, multiple services or new products, one must keep core clients happy and interested.

When generating new leads, stay within your network.  You may need to cold call sometimes, but be smarter about it. Instead of spending time making calls to a list of a thousand, do research on a hundred and know why they need your business before you call.  You will come off as more diligent, certain and provide your lead with information more relevant to them than a script.  It also gives you time to ask questions.

If you need new perspective on what your customers are looking for, take a few past customers or customers of your competition out to lunch. Ask them what they like about their experience as a customer.  Focus on the traits you hear in positive feedback and make them your main selling points.  Take the time to build strategy around who your customers are and what they really need.

Cydcor is the leading expert in outsourced sales. To learn more about Cydcor, click here.

October 18, 2013

Cydcor Team Health and Happiness

After all the hard work and energy our team put into the Cydcor Day of Smiles event, we were ready for some fun and games! Our team recently got to let loose a little at our Cydcor Night Out.  Games, sunshine and smoothies were found at our gathering.

cydcor night out
Volleyball, cornhole and hanging out with Cydcor

At Cydcor, team member happiness is important to us.  We want to make sure our team is engaged, developed and feels a sense of purpose.  Sometimes that means having fun too.

cydcor team


Team members played volley ball in the sand and rounds of corn hole.  The outing took place outside near the Cydcor office in Westlake Village, California.

Would you like to be a team member for Cydcor and join the fun?  See what others say about their job here:

“Cydcor is the perfect fit for me! I can voice my opinions, make mistakes, and try out new ideas in an environment that is comfortable and welcomes fresh ideas. There are opportunities for growth and development at every turn, and I feel like I’m working with my closest friends.” – Kellie Saville

“Cydcor is about people and about figuring out how to help each team member achieve his or her maximum potential; personal development and growth is definitely the best part about my career at Cydcor. I feel empowered and encouraged to try new things, fail, learn and discover my strengths. Cydcor provides the support and the environment for us to grow.” -Lalo Burgos

“I have been able to put my talent and skills to use while working with an energetic group of individuals to accomplish great things that has a direct impact on the livelihood of so many. I feel like I’m part of a family.” – Amanda Isaac

We are currently hiring at our home office.  Click here to see our Cydcor Jobs Page.


October 16, 2013

Cydcor Reviews The War for Talent


the war for talent cydcor reviews
The War for Talent by Michaels, Handfield-Jones and Axelrod

Title: The War for Talent

Author:  Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod

Review by:  Suzzanne Fleet

Description of this book:  This book uses information from thousands of executives from dozens of companies on how to keep a high level of talent and performance from employees.  Acquiring, retaining and developing talented individuals is essential for companies to succeed.  It is important to pinpoint high performers and low performers, reward high performers, and move low performers out of the organization.  The book talks about keeping a “talent mindset” that keeps recruiters and managers focused on developing talented employees.  It is also important to bring in talent from other companies at multiple management levels.  The book details how to design performance reviews for team members, as well as a recognition system.  Authors also discuss how create incentives to make your company attractive to top level jobseekers. Cydcor works to develop our talented team of sales professionals, which is why we are frequently chosen as on of L.A. County’s Best Place to Work

Why read this:  Managers and recruiters alike will benefit from this book by refreshing the priorities of developing people within their organization.  In an age where many employees bounce around in their career, fostering talent is an easy and important aspect of both retention and productivity.

My favorite part:  There are some great case studies in the book that provide real life stories and philosophies.  For example, Dee Hock, founder of Visa, tells the authors, “Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind.”

About the reviewer: Suzzanne Fleet is the director of human resources at Cydcor, so managing talent is her area of expertise.

October 10, 2013

Thousands of reasons… (and dollars) to smile!

This past weekend, the Cydcor team hosted our first “Day of Smiles,” a fundraiser held throughout the United States and Canada among our network of independently-owned offices for Operation Smile.  In addition to our own team members, more than 200 sales offices put their sales powers to work to raise money to provide cleft palate surgeries for children! Though we have been supporters for years – and have raised enough for two medical missions, one of which took place last year in Rio De Janeiro – Operation Smile is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, and we wanted to do something special and help fund our third medical mission.

vera quinn of cydcor fundrasing for operation smile
Cydcor worked over the weekend to raise money for Operation Smile

The grand tally isn’t in yet, but we are definitely on track to achieving that goal thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team members and sales offices! We will keep you updated on our tallies as more offices send in their funds.  I estimate that we had more than 2,000 people volunteering their time participating in the Day of Smiles. Imagine that… 2,000 people focused on changing the world and many lives at the same time.

At Cydcor, our team members went door-to-door and stood outside Jersey Mike’s in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Newbury Park, along with Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas.  Special thanks to them for their support! It’s just another example of the community come together to work toward a shared goal.

Once again, a huge appreciation to our team members and volunteers who supported the effort.  We are looking forward to making a huge difference in the lives of children and their families around the world. Watch the dollars grow and check out Cydcor’s Operation Smile Page.

Cydcor fundraiser Operation Smile
Cydcor Team collects for Operation Smile

October 4, 2013

Using Sales Power for Good: Cydcor on Fundraising

Cydcor Operation SmileThis week the team at Cydcor and its network of independent sales offices will launch the Day of Smiles campaign for Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a nonprofit that provides cleft palate surgeries to children all over the world.  One in ten children globally are born with a cleft palate, and many of them do not survive past the age of one.  This summer, Cydcor and its sales network were able to a medical mission that would provide downs of surgeries to children in poor areas.  Last year, the company raised enough money to provide nearly 100 surgeries, and the goal is double this year.  The day of smiles campaign will last October 4th through the 6th, and the goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of the short campaign.  Here are our favorite tips on how to raise money for your cause:

1.  Ask everyone you know to support you.  Remember you friends want to help you out, and you may need to ask more than once.  Ask people directly, with a personal touch, rather than just posting about it online. It is more work to do it that way, but you will get better results.

2.  Do something fun!  At Cydcor, we held garage sales, casino nights, bowling tournaments and sold brown bag lunches to raise funds.  Plan a low cost event or something to sell that incentivizes people in your community.

3.  Do not stop sharing.  Share online, in your neighborhood, wear t-shirts, talk to everyone you meet.  Tell everyone you know all about your cause, and share facts and stories about why their donation would be helpful.  Know your cause well, and keep producing talking points to share with your network on and offline.

To learn more about Cydcor’s fundraising efforts, follow our event updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #dayofsmiles.

October 3, 2013

Vera Quinn on the Day of Smiles

I have been with Cydcor for seventeen years.  In 2010, we launched our partnership with Operation Smile.  The work we do to raise money for this cause has added an extra level of meaning to the work we do at Cydcor and our community.  We were already giving employees volunteer hours and donated to charities, but we especially appreciate our special relationship with Operation Smile. I was able to participate in the mission last year, and I got to see first hand how we have the power to change lives for good.

Vera Quinn in Brazil for Cydcor

Last year, we were able to raise enough money to fund a mission to provide cleft palate surgeries to children in need.  Cleft palates often cause complications for feeding and breathing in infants, and many of them don’t survive.  The surgeries we were able to fund have been able to change the lives of these children and their families.  The trip was able to pay for nearly 620 surgeries for patients in Brazil.

Cydcor volunteers in Brazil

The success of Cydcor is based on our distinctive culture, which is one that is passionate about giving back to communities around the world.  We have already been able to fund one more medical mission this year, and our goal is fund another.  That is why we decided to launch the Day of Smiles Campaign. This weekend will unite our network of more than 200 sales offices to raise money and hit our total goal of $400,000 for the year.


Our office has been developing programs throughout the year to raise money for our cause.  We believe this weekend alone will fund a $150,000 mission.  We ask for your support in restoring smiles to children around the world.  Please visit Cydcor’s Operation Smile Team page to donate now.  If two dozen people donate just ten dollars, we can fund a surgery.


Also, please follow Cydcor on Twitter and our Cydcor Operation Smile Facebook page to keep up with all the activity.  If you are participating in the fundraiser, be sure to tell your friends online about it with the hashtag #dayofsmiles.