Month: January 2014

January 31, 2014

5 Sales Plays You Can Make Today

Cydcor Sales Plays
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The big game is this weekend, and the competitive of sports has a lot of parallels with sales.  Succeeding in both sports and sales requires strategy, winning, rewards and competing.  Whether you are looking for a career or another client, using your football fandom can help give you an edge that will help you achieve your goals.  The Cydcor team shares its favorite sales plays to attracting clients and building relationships.

The Ice Breaker.  Seek out new prospects with a winning personality.  Cydcor recommends using the “SEE” principles: smile, eye contact and enthusiasm.  Find out what the lead enjoys and find some common ground in the conversation.

The Stat Push.  Bring the facts.  People are often convinced by solid evidence that what you are offering is a better decision.  This includes making sure people recommend your work, testimonials of your success, and information about your product or service.  If you have an answer for everything, no one can argue with you.  But don’t be too pushy with your knowledge; it can turn some people off.  Just be ready for questions.

Cydcor sales plays
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The Full Rundown.  Go through your entire contact list and send each person a quick email or give them a call.  This will keep your list fresh and relevant, and you can see if any former prospects have changed their minds about your service.  The full rundown can help you prioritize your strategy, and keep you organized

The Hail Prospects. Go all out.  Make a list of all ideal people you want to work with and find ways to contact them.  Go all out, reach for the top, even if you think it’s impossible.  Throw everything you’ve got at your search until something breaks through.

The Double Back. Make sure you follow up with everyone you talk to with a thank you note.  Remember as well that past clients may be interested in upgrades or additional products that you have to offer.

What’s your favorite play?  You can join the Cydcor community and let us know!

January 31, 2014

Cydcor Keys to Success: Back to Basics

The team at Cydcor had a great conference last weekend at the Keys to Success annual kick off event.  This year’s theme was Back to Basics, and it served as a great reminder to all our hard working team members that keeping a solid foundation in the basics of business will get you far in your career.  The team traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to meet with our group of expert sales affiliates from all over the country.  We shared meals, inspiration, celebrations and ideas.

Cydcor Keys to Success
Smiles from Cydcor team members at Keys to Success


This was the second year that the entire network was invited to the annual kickoff meeting for Cydcor and the event had over 900 attendees.

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January 27, 2014

Cydcor Reviews Competitive Advantage

Cydcor Competitive Advantage
Cydcor Reviews Competitive Advantage

Description of this book: Cydcor knows Michael Porter has long been considered a top business expert and leader, and this book is his signature piece of work.  Competitive Advantage is a model for creating and managing an enterprise successfully.  Porter offers tools for analysis that are taught in MBA programs around the country.  Michael Porter is a professor at Harvard Business School, and lectures and writes prolifically on managing a business.

Cydcor recommends this book to leaders because: Tactics such as the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis teaches critical thinking that is crucial to successfully leading a company.  Porter also discusses strategy at length, and helps businesses to either produce a scale economy or define a niche that will keep them profitable.  The danger for companies is to get stuck in the middle- trying to hard to please everybody, not sticking to the chosen strategy one hundred percent can lead to high costs and low or no profits. The book is filled with many real life examples of businesses either failing or executing a strong strategy based on “market signals”, which indicate the way an industry is moving and allows good executives to anticipate opportunities.

Our favorite part: Porter stresses over and over that businesses need to focus on goals and strategy in order to be successful.  Business does not have to follow every trend of what is popular.  Shoe makers do not have expand into technology.  Strong business strategy and profits is not always about having the biggest or best idea, but rather identifying its place in a market and doing things different from the competition.

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January 24, 2014

Cydcor Success at Back to Basics 2014

Back to Basics was Cydcor’s theme for the 2014 Keys to Success conference in San Antonio, Texas last weekend. Cydcor holds the Keys to Success event every year as an annual kick off. The meeting announced awards and promotions for Cydcor team members, and recognized achievers in our independently owned network of sales offices. Cydcor team members and other sales professionals got the opportunity to network and see the sights in San Antonio.
The Back to Basics Conference for Cydcor reviewed what it takes to be successful in the sales and marketing business. Inspirational stories on staying persistent and effective at work was shared across tables and on stage.  Guest speakers encouraged sales teams to stick with it, take care of your people and never give up.

Cydcor had a great time in Texas and the team is looking forward to a great year!

Cydcor Back to Basics

January 23, 2014

How to Organize Your Office

Cydcor team members are not always in the office, because they are out in the world acting as brand evangelists for clients. Traveling frequently can make it difficult to keep the office organized for days that do require deskwork.  Having appropriate storage solutions, cleaning strategy and fun décor for your desk can make your days indoors more productive and pleasant.  Check out Cydcor’s favorite office organizing tips on our new Pinterest board.  In the mean time, here are our favorites.

cydcor offices

A place for everything.  Make sure you always know where paper, pens, cards, and important information goes.  This includes having a desk caddy (we like the ones with personality!) for any tools you might be using, as well as a place to put books, snacks and odds and ends.

Business card organizers.  A small file box for all of your contact is a great way to keep track of all the cards you collect while traveling and attending events.  A bonus tip: rather than organize them alphabetically, keep them in files by their profession, so you know whom to call when looking for a specific service or information.

Out of sight out of mind.  Papers you never or rarely use should go on the bottom shelf or out of the way on the floor.  No need to clutter up accessible work space with items that do not need attention.

Three ring binders.  Binders with labels are a great way to keep track of papers if you do not have a filing cabinet handy.  Categories for papers could include specific clients, overall guidelines, a tracking of goals or other ways to organize.

Cydcor organization

Email files.  Nothing is better than an empty email inbox! Some emails need to be saved for records, and don’t forget that email providers have the ability to file them into electronic folders.  Keeping your inbox clean with urgent messages marked as such can keep you on top of your game.

Make it fun! Personalized to do lists, calendars, and office décor can be motivating and satisfying.  Make sure it complies with work guidelines, but even a pencil holder can have a fun touch.

Interested in making your office space at Cydcor? Check CareerBuilder for job openings at Cydcor.

January 21, 2014

Cydcor Reviews The Everything Store

Cydcor Reviews The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon


Cydcor Reviews The Everything Store
Cydcor Reviews The Everything Store

Author: Brad Stone


Description of this book: This book details the history of online retailer Amazon, which started as an Internet book delivery store and later became a corporation that sells everything from high-definition televisions to fresh vegetables. Written by Brad Stone, senior writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, the book details over 300 interviews with former employees of Amazon as well as family members of Bezos. Stone details Bezos’ thirst for exploring new markets, such as e-readers and cloud computer storage, as well as the future of the company. Amazon changed everything we know about online shopping, and also the way we read and shop today.


Why people should read this book: Not many people know the history of Amazon, and how it started in Jeff Bezos’ garage in Bellevue, WA. Bezos, a former vice-president at a Wall Street firm, studied what products would do well selling on the Internet, and decided that books were the way to go. From there, the book spills the secrets of how Amazon turned into the world’s largest online retailer, selling electronic media, toys, furniture, and jewelry. Stone’s thorough reporting is presented well, as well as his notion of belief in the company’s success.


My favorite part: Although Amazon is known for their success, I enjoyed learning its shortcomings as well. Amazon did not do well with their implementation of an auction system that failed to compete with eBay. The company will not even be profitable for years, due to their increase spending and growing. However, Bezos’s hunger has allowed Amazon to become a true American built company, one that allows other merchants to sell along with it, even without a president or chief operating officer. The story behind Bezos and his website is inspirational for any entrepreneur, and also interesting to say the least.

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January 16, 2014

The Secret to Sales: There is No Secret

Cydcor SalesCydcor is a sales company.  We send teams of professionals out into the world and drive revenue on behalf of our clients.  Sales is a competitive field, and can be prove to be daunting for many people.  At Cydcor, team members are driven through professional training, perseverance, and a fun work atmosphere.  Many sales companies to try peddle “the ultimate secret” to selling, but the real secret to a career in sales is that there is no secret.  Sales takes hard work, a winning personality, and persistence.


Hard work means that when you are starting out, sales people need to practice refining skills, building conversation tools, collecting leads and making plans.  Time management skills are crucial, and the ability to learn how to accept rejection.  It is important to stay organized, keep track of which leads need what you are selling, who to follow up with, and what is a good use of your time.  It can sometimes mean long hours, putting in extra time and going the extra mile to make sure that you are coming out on top.


Cydcor sales teams learn that great sales success comes from developing a warm, outgoing persona that is devoted to customer service.  Sales is about giving customers what they want and need, and success comes when they believe you have their best interests in mind.  Smiles, knowledge and solutions go a long way.


Cydcor SalesPersistence is key to succeeding in any business.  Knowing the difference between “no thank you” and “not today” can make a huge difference.  It is important not to be annoying to customers who are truly not interested, but there are others who may be just not ready, or more open minded later.  A simple email once a month will help your leads keep you in mind.


At Cydcor, we reward team members who take the time and energy to become successful.  Promotions from within, sales contests, awards, conferences and team night celebrations are a common part of the culture.  If you are interested in a career at sales, check out the Cydcor Career Builder Page.

January 14, 2014

Cydcor Reviews To Sell is Human

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

 Cydcor team members recommend this refreshing look at what it means to sell in To Sell is Human.

Cydcor Reviews to Sell is Human
Cydcor Reviews to Sell is Human

Author:  Daniel H. Pink


Description of this Book: Daniel Pink’s To Sell Is Human is about the art and science of selling, not only professionally but also in our personal lives. Selling is not just person going door-to-door selling products, or someone trying to make a commission quota. Everyone in society is now in sales in some particular way: selling their ideas, personalities, or projects that they want to get done. Pink looks at all aspects of the modern workforce and comes up with a great guide for anyone struggling with taking on the identity of a salesperson today.


Why People Should Read This Book: The book offers many concepts with actual statistical data and scientific evidence to back up points. Pink’s book succeeds at clarifying the typical view of sales as a negative connotation. We often motivate ourselves for all the wrong reasons when it comes to selling, and that’s not just for selling products. The book is very accessible and easy-to-read. Although this topic has been discussed to lengths in other sales books, Pink finds a way to put his own spin on the theory of selling in our world today.


My Favorite Part: Pink stresses that the old selling environment has changed significantly. Buyers now have the same information that sellers have, which used to give salespeople an advantage. He comes up with a new phrase for successful sales called Always Be Closing. Along with that comes the new ABCs: Attunement (perspective of audience), Buoyancy (handle rejection well) , and Clarity (help others see the whole picture). Other advice he offers is six successors to the elevator pitch, which allows a seller to propose something interesting to compel a conversation.


Want more recommendations from Cydcor?  Check out this similar Cydcor review of Crucial Conversations.

January 13, 2014

Cydcor Reviews 2013

Well into January of 2014, the Cydcor team is ready to make a big impression. There is a lot to live up after such a great 2013. If you have not been to our Cydcor YouTube Channel, we would love for you to subscribe! In the meantime, here is our latest feature: a review of 2013 at Cydcor. Moving forward, it is important to remember all the things our company participated in and accomplished last year.  Watch the video below!

2013 Highlights Include:

Helping United Way put together packets for elementary school students.

Fun team nights at restaurants and parks.

Winning ten medals in the Ventura Beach area corporate games, including volleyball, basketball, bowling and dodgeball.

Sending delegates to attend the Gala for Operation Smile.

Leadership conferences in Altanta, GA, building success and celebrating unleashed potential.

Summer interns coming in and learning the business of sales and supporting our team.

Being awarded a “Best Place to Work” in Los Angeles County.

Raising almost $300,000 for Operation Smile, funding more than one volunteer medical mission for cleft palate surgeries.

Organizing fundraisers like bowling nights, garage sales and the network wide Day of Smiles event.

Gathering over 100 meals for low income families in the community for Thanksiving.

Giving away gifts with our giving tree to children at EARTHS elementary school.

It was a great year, and we plan on making our 20th year in business even better!




January 9, 2014

Charismatic CEOs to Learn From


Leadership development is an important tool to running a successful company.  At Cydcor, we like to share motivation and success advice.  You can check out the Cydcor Pinterest boards for inspiration if you need it.  For now, learn about these charismatic CEOs who are changing the way we do business and leading the world into a new generation.

Image1. The Showman- Marc Benioff,  Benioff was voted by readers of The Street as the number one tech CEO of 2013, winning a whopping 54%, compared to Amazon Titan Jeff Bezos with 8%.  Benioff has driven the push to cloud computing more than any other leader in the industry, and the success of has been the payoff.  Benioff is one of the few CEOs active on Social Media, and also leads a powerful sales conference called Dreamforce every year, attracting some of the top leaders in the industry.

2. The Bleeding Heart- Howard Schultz, Starbucks.  Schultz recently appeared in an interview with Oprah and openly discussed his emotional ups and downs.  Schultz has been famous for emotional reactions in the past, and while to some that may seem negative, no one will ever doubt his commitment to his company.  After returning as CEO of Starbucks during the economic downturn, Schultz led the company to its biggest profits yet.

Cydcor CEO Inspiration3. The Idealist- Blake Mycoskie, TOMS.  After encourntering impoverished families around the world, Mycoskie called in every favor he had to start a shoe company that would provide aid to needy families.  Solving a problem with an economic solution using his one-for-one model, Mycoskie has become a leader in fashion and social enterprise when he was barely over thirty years old.

Leadership development is part of the company culture at Cydcor.  Who is your favorite CEO to follow? Tell us who inspires you!