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May 24, 2016

Cydcor Celebrates Operation Smile Fundraising In Style at New York City Gala

Cydcor Celebrates Operation Smile Fundraising In Style at New York City Gala
Cydcor ambassadors on the red carpet at Cipriani’s in New York City during Operation Smile’s 2016 New York Smile Event.

The evening of May 12th, everyone was smiling at Cipriani’s in Midtown Manhattan—the destination of Operation Smile’s New York Gala. Cydcor joined Operation Smile and their supporters to celebrate amazing medical missions that brought life-changing care to those suffering from cleft palates and other facial malformations.

Cydcor has partnered with Operation Smile for six years already, each year raising funds and awareness to help children facing difficulties from having facial problems. “At Cydcor, we can’t imagine a day without a smile—it is that immediate connection with people—and we are humbled to help make smiles possible through the work of Operation Smile,” said Cydcor President Vera Quinn.

At the New York Smile event, actress Kate Hudson was presented with the Universal Smile Award for her volunteer efforts to improve the lives of those in need and for providing an inspiring example of outstanding leadership. Other prominent guests at the event included Jaimie Alexander, Oliver Platt, Diego Klattenhofff, Colin Donnell, and Jason Weinberg. “It was an inspiring experience for the Cydcor team to be among these highly recognized celebrities making this event even more special.” Manilynn Disuanco, Cydcor’s red carpet correspondent during the Smile Event shared, “Meeting Kate Hudson was really cool!” But, for her, the real celebrities were some of the award winners being recognized for their outstanding contributions. “I really enjoyed hearing Andrew Dolce, 2016 John Connor Humanitarian Award winner speak. He brought his grandchildren on stage with him. His family joined him on his medical mission trips to Nicaragua. His example has inspired me to get more of our Cydcor family inspired and hopefully get my family involved, too!”

Volunteering to raise funds for Operation Smile gives those involved an opportunity to share a rewarding activity with their families and coworkers. Chris Minger, President of Philiadelphia Elite Group, Inc., said that the Cipriani event reaffirmed his commitment to this volunteer effort. He explained, “What was most enlightening to me was hearing about how other Operation Smile supporters had been able to involve business and family networks to help this cause. Volunteers are doubly blessed. We can raise money and build bonds between our family members, friends, and coworkers. Volunteering for Operation Smile is a win-win situation for everyone involved—the volunteers, the organization, and, most importantly, the families we serve.”

Cydcor’s Chief Information Officer, Dwight Coates, walked the red carpet at the Operation Smile Gala as well. He mentioned he was moved by the passion that fuels Cydcor’s volunteers. “Not only was the Cipriani event beautiful, but the passion and desire to help others was as beautiful as the space itself. People helping others, especially children—there is no better way to help and give back,” he said.

Over the last year, Cydcor volunteers around the country held fundraising events to raise money for Operation Smile’s medical missions. Top fundraisers from Cydcor were recognized with an invitation to join a medical mission to Bolivia in March 2016. This trip gave operations to 134 people in need, with 180 total procedures performed.

Earlier this year, Cydcor also supported a mission to the Dominican Republic, adding to the list of medical missions Cydcor and Operation Smile have worked on together, including Guatemala (2014), Mexico (2014), and Brazil (2012).

The Cipriani Operation Smile Gala highlights the fundraising efforts and medical missions performed by Cydcor volunteers. Mouad Alami, from Cydcor Canada, had a profound personal moment while attending the gala. “I felt emotional when I saw a video at Cipriani. One of Operation Smile’s missions took place in Morocco—where I was born! I felt grateful to everyone who donates for great causes like this one. Operation Smile knows no boundaries for their humanitarian work,” he said.

Cydcor’s fundraising totals for Operation Smile have been primarily achieved through the annual Day of Smiles fundraising event, which includes a variety of fundraising efforts across the US, Canada, and the UK. Cydcor hopes to hit the $1 million fundraising milestone by the end of 2016.

“There is nothing more precious than the life of a child,” said Kimberly Mendoza, one of Cydcor’s top fundraisers who attended the Operation Smile event. “You can make a huge difference in these children’s lives by donating, coming up with different fundraising ideas, or even just getting the word out about Operation Smile and the incredible work they do.”

The Operation Smile event in New York was an eye opening experience for the Cydcor team where they got to see the impact their fundraising efforts make in saving children’s lives. The team is excited to contribute even more during the upcoming Day of Smiles fundraising event. To help support Cydcor’s fundraising efforts for Operation Smile, visit Donations are welcomed.

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May 3, 2016

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 1
Participating in philanthropy programs creates strong communities, builds a committed work force, and creates a promising future for businesses today.

Cydcor recently participated in two community outreach programs that we were proud to be a part of: Habitat for Humanity and a volunteering project coinciding with Earth Day at the LA Food Bank!

A group of 18 Cydcor volunteers joined Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for the local veteran community. Volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work building homes for people in need. Together with Habitat for Humanity, Cydcor team members were able to get 10 homes ready for inspection.

Team-building was essential for this effort, as Habitat for Humanity welcomes skilled and unskilled workers to join on-site construction teams. Cydcor volunteers showed up to the challenge with their willingness to learn and work hard, while Habitat for Humanity provided all of the tools and safety equipment, needed to get the job done.

“It was definitely gratifying, walking away at the end of the day and seeing what we accomplished as a team. I wasn’t sure we could make a difference, but we certainly did,” said Rosy, an executive assistant at Cydcor.

Many of Cydcor’s teams took part in the day, including Cydcor’s CFO, Ron Nathanson, and the Cydcor finance team. These volunteers were more than happy to come together to help a great cause, as well as improve on their team-building skills.

What a great way to help others build a better tomorrow.
Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank
This is how we do team building at Cydcor: Working together building homes for those in need! Great job everyone!

Cydcor’s Information Technology (IT) department also recently got to work for the local community, volunteering on Earth Day by working at the LA Food Bank.

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 4

The Cydcor team put together food packets for low-income families, assembled backpacks of food for children who may go hungry otherwise, and provided essential services to senior citizens in Los Angeles who are unable to afford their next meal.

Coming together to help this cause also allowed Cydcor members to get to know each other better and got the team excited to work for their community.

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 5
Cydor volunteers working on an assembly line, putting together care packages filled with food and supplies.

Dwight Coates, Cydcor’s Chief Information Officer, reported that Cydcor volunteers put together over 900 care packets for senior citizens on fixed incomes who often have disabilities that adversely impact their health and finances. Sometimes they have to make the impossible choice between paying for medical care or getting a meal.

“I have worked with the LA Food Bank for the past 6 years and thought, what a great way for our people to help those who need help the most,” said Dwight Coates. “By each team member having a unique and often time-sensitive task on the conveyor line, we each depended on each other for our deliverable of reaching over 750 bags in the morning time.  Due to our teamwork, we packed over 900 bags for distribution.”

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 6

Education is an important part of the volunteer experience. By participating in volunteer programs, Cydcor employees and sales associates develop an understanding of the problems impacting their communities. The volunteers learned that over 1.4 million people in Los Angeles County are food insecure, meaning that they don’t know where their next meal will come from.


Cydcor is thankful and proud of the great work done by our volunteers, and we look forward to the next project we take on to help our local community!