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March 15, 2017

10 Reasons Everyone Should Have Sales Experience


Door to door saleswoman knocking on doors
10 Ways Sales Experience Will Make You More Successful in Life

Working in sales can feel like the career equivalent of boot camp. It puts your mental toughness and endurance to the test, but if you’re brave enough to give it your all, working in sales can transform you from a career weakling to a business powerhouse. It builds critical skills that are necessary for success whether you’re a recent graduate, trying for a big promotion, a small business owner, or a top executive.

Here are 10 reasons why working in sales helps build success:

1.  Knocking on Doors…Literally and Figuratively

The scariest part of sales is approaching people you don’t know and asking something of them. What if they slam the door in your face? What if they get mad? What if everyone you talk to says no? But succeeding in business is all about hearing no. You have to learn to face rejection if you ever hope to succeed. Working in sales is the perfect training ground for building that thick skin you need to apply for a job, ask for a promotion, close the deal, or solicit new clients.

  1. Becoming a Master of Improvisation

Working in sales teaches you to think on your feet. You never know exactly what the customer might throw at you, and you have to learn how to listen and adapt to their objections and concerns on the fly. Sales experience teaches you to be nimble minded, so you can help pitch a new idea to a team, respond to a real-time public relations crisis, or scramble for options when project funding falls through.

  1. Relating to Others

In order to make the sale, you have to learn how to build rapport and find common ground with people you’ve never met before. The ability to understand where others are coming from and relate to them on their level is handy in almost any work scenario. Customers prefer to do business with people they like and they tend to trust people they relate to.

  1. Asking the Right Questions

Great salesmen know how to find peoples’ hot button issues. Not everyone will tell you what their objection is; sometimes you have to probe a bit and do some investigating to find what’s really holding them back. Being a good detective and understanding how to do research that produces actionable results is critical to overcoming roadblocks and achieving success in business.

  1. Highlighting Benefits

Whether you’re selling something door to door or selling yourself on a blind date, the fact remains the same, people want products, companies, and people who will make their lives better in some way. Learning how to appeal to people’s needs and wants is a powerful tool that can help any time you need to make a case for something, whether it’s donating to a great cause, investing in your feature film, or offering you the salary of your dreams.

  1. Sounding Like an Expert

The best sales people understand that people want to buy from someone who knows what they’re talking about. But as important as it is to thoroughly know your product; it isn’t really what you say that matters, but how you say it. Being confident and sounding like you know what you’re talking about is the secret to building trust and gaining consensus. Sales are the perfect way to practice sounding like an expert, even when you’re not.

  1. Talking Numbers

Negotiating makes a lot of people uncomfortable. We feel like we’re being impolite when we ask people to pay for something, especially when the price is higher than they’d prefer to pay. Working in sales forces you to face that fear, and learning to stand your ground at the negotiating table can help you finally get that big pay bump, large investment, or executive title you’ve wanted.

  1. Capturing and Keeping Attention

To be a good salesmen, you have to know how to turn it on when you enter a room. Entertaining your audience and telling a good story is one of the most effective ways to build rapport and get the customer on board with your message. Learning how to engage others can be invaluable for speaking in public, networking, or pitching ideas.

  1. Earning Trust

People are naturally suspicious of strangers, and they’re especially suspicious of sales people. That’s what makes earning a customer’s trust such an impressive feat. It’s also a powerful tool. People buy from people they trust. Learning how to convince others to put their faith in you has limitless benefits in business and in life.

10.  Setting and Achieving Goals

The life of a sales person is all about setting targets and hitting them. You learn how to dig deep, stay self-motivated, and set challenging, yet achievable goals because achieving them can often mean the difference between having a great week and struggling to pay your rent. And strategizing how to meet them is key to succeeding at almost anything.

Sure, working in sales can be tough, but as anyone who has tried their hand at sales will tell you, it’s also worth it. Sales experience hones indispensable career skills that can help you get ahead and overcome challenges for years to come.

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We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services located in Agoura Hills, CA. From our humble beginnings as an independent sales company to garnering a reputation as the global leader in outsourced sales, Cydcor touts having exceptional sales professionals and providing our clients with proven sales and marketing strategies that get results.


March 6, 2017

8 Ways A Student Mentality Breeds Success

Image showing the different elements of success
8 Ways A Student Mentality Breeds Success


Discover how student mentality breeds success, and personal development, for employees in this article from Cydcor. Lifelong learning helps exceed goals.

When you’re a student, your whole job is to learn. That’s why companies like their employees to maintain a student mentality. And while organizations want to hire expert talent, employees who think of themselves as experts may miss the opportunity to continue growing and improving. By encouraging employees to think of themselves as students, employers foster a culture of ongoing personal development, inspiring employees to seek out valuable lessons in every task they’re given.

Here’s how a student mentality creates better employees:

1. Teaches Them to Listen

Unlike seasoned veterans who may be less open-minded to new ideas and approaches, students are in a constant state of openness. They pay attention to people and experiences, absorbing information and searching for valuable takeaways. Staying on the lookout for new ideas creates a fertile breeding ground for innovation.

2. Keeps Them Humble

There is no employee, no matter how senior, who can’t improve in some way. Adopting a student mentality reminds even executive level employees that they always have more to learn.

3. Keeps Them Focused on Growth

Students have a hunger for information and a drive toward personal development that people often lose as they move ahead in their careers. A student mentality challenges employees to set the bar higher. It pushes them to perform at their best and continue redefining what their best might be.

4. Reminds Them to Study

Encouraging employees to think like students reminds them that it’s important to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and take advantage of resources such as trade journals, white papers, blogs, and events for their own personal development.

5. Forces Them to Question

Being a student means admitting that you don’t know all the answers. Employees who think like students become attuned problem solvers. They’re willing to challenge assumptions, and they learn to probe for new approaches that are better, faster, and more cost effective.

6. Keeps Them Competitive

Students are constantly learning and applying new skills, maintaining a student mentality urges employees to keep their abilities and knowledge finely tuned and up to date with industry trends. This may mean learning new software, attending seminars, or taking online training courses.

7. Makes Them Better Leaders

Students often make the best teachers because they learn how to effectively communicate with others. By asking employees to think like students, employers also provide opportunities for employees to mentor each other, which helps them become even better leaders.

8. Keeps Them Open Minded

As employees advance in their careers, it’s easy for them to become rigid and set in their ways. After all, doing things the old way got them this far. But an environment that values constant learning pushes them to consider new ways of thinking and reminds them to stay flexible and open to change.

Employees who maintain a student mentality don’t assume they already know everything. They understand that useful new ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. By staying open to innovative thinking, and constantly striving to learn more and improve, employees who think of themselves as lifelong students have the kind of forward thinking that helps organizations reach their goals and beyond.

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We are Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services located in Agoura Hills, CA. From our humble beginnings as an independent sales company to garnering a reputation as the global leader in outsourced sales, Cydcor touts having exceptional sales professionals and providing our clients with proven sales and marketing strategies that get results.


May 3, 2016

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 1
Participating in philanthropy programs creates strong communities, builds a committed work force, and creates a promising future for businesses today.

Cydcor recently participated in two community outreach programs that we were proud to be a part of: Habitat for Humanity and a volunteering project coinciding with Earth Day at the LA Food Bank!

A group of 18 Cydcor volunteers joined Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for the local veteran community. Volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work building homes for people in need. Together with Habitat for Humanity, Cydcor team members were able to get 10 homes ready for inspection.

Team-building was essential for this effort, as Habitat for Humanity welcomes skilled and unskilled workers to join on-site construction teams. Cydcor volunteers showed up to the challenge with their willingness to learn and work hard, while Habitat for Humanity provided all of the tools and safety equipment, needed to get the job done.

“It was definitely gratifying, walking away at the end of the day and seeing what we accomplished as a team. I wasn’t sure we could make a difference, but we certainly did,” said Rosy, an executive assistant at Cydcor.

Many of Cydcor’s teams took part in the day, including Cydcor’s CFO, Ron Nathanson, and the Cydcor finance team. These volunteers were more than happy to come together to help a great cause, as well as improve on their team-building skills.

What a great way to help others build a better tomorrow.
Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank
This is how we do team building at Cydcor: Working together building homes for those in need! Great job everyone!

Cydcor’s Information Technology (IT) department also recently got to work for the local community, volunteering on Earth Day by working at the LA Food Bank.

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 4

The Cydcor team put together food packets for low-income families, assembled backpacks of food for children who may go hungry otherwise, and provided essential services to senior citizens in Los Angeles who are unable to afford their next meal.

Coming together to help this cause also allowed Cydcor members to get to know each other better and got the team excited to work for their community.

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 5
Cydor volunteers working on an assembly line, putting together care packages filled with food and supplies.

Dwight Coates, Cydcor’s Chief Information Officer, reported that Cydcor volunteers put together over 900 care packets for senior citizens on fixed incomes who often have disabilities that adversely impact their health and finances. Sometimes they have to make the impossible choice between paying for medical care or getting a meal.

“I have worked with the LA Food Bank for the past 6 years and thought, what a great way for our people to help those who need help the most,” said Dwight Coates. “By each team member having a unique and often time-sensitive task on the conveyor line, we each depended on each other for our deliverable of reaching over 750 bags in the morning time.  Due to our teamwork, we packed over 900 bags for distribution.”

Cydcor Volunteers Support Habitat for Humanity and the LA Food Bank 6

Education is an important part of the volunteer experience. By participating in volunteer programs, Cydcor employees and sales associates develop an understanding of the problems impacting their communities. The volunteers learned that over 1.4 million people in Los Angeles County are food insecure, meaning that they don’t know where their next meal will come from.


Cydcor is thankful and proud of the great work done by our volunteers, and we look forward to the next project we take on to help our local community!

April 27, 2016

Cydcor Invites Kids to the Office to Celebrate Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Cydcor-Take-Our-Daughters-Sons-Work-Day-2 Cydcor-Take-Our-Daughters-Sons-Work-Day-3


What do your kids think you do at work? Ours will find out this Thursday, April 28th, when Cydcor hosts the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day program at our Agoura Hills, CA headquarters! On this day, Cydcor team members will have the opportunity to bring in their children who are between the ages of 5 and 18 so they can see how we work, where we work, and what we do at work. This is an amazing opportunity to model a career roadmap for these children and gives them a look at what their parent’s day-to-day is like here at Cydcor.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year. Cydcor could not miss out on this great opportunity. This national event was launched in 1994, and it encourages girls and boys to think about their futures without gender limitations. The event’s organizers expect over 1,700 kids to participate across the country. Cydcor will host between 8 and 15 kids for the event in our office.

This nationally-celebrated day builds bridges between parents and kids, as well as between parents and coworkers. Kids learn what Mom and Dad do during the day at that mysterious destination called “the office.” They discover how their parents solve problems and manage responsibilities outside of the home.

During Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, coworkers develop a deeper connection with one another as they meet each other’s family members. Meeting family members allows colleagues an opportunity to learn one another’s personal story. This experience builds more meaningful connections, which can improve how teams work and solve problems together.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is more than just a chance for kids to see their parents’ offices and have lunch together. During their visit here at Cydcor, girls and boys will be exposed to the important jobs their parents have. Children will have the opportunity to participate in multiple workshops and activities that will help them start thinking on their future careers. A group of dedicated team members will teach participants firsthand about different career possibilities at Cydcor, including the important role education plays in having a successful career.

During Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, Cydcor team members and their kids are invited to dress in casual attire since it will be a day chock-full of fun activities. A special schedule has also been arranged for participants and their parents, including a welcome breakfast, event program, workshops and will get to play games at a “Fun Zone.” They will be at Cydcor having a fun day at the office, and we can’t wait to get started!

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September 18, 2015

Cydcor Summer Internship Program 2015

Cydcor 2015 Summer Interns Group
The Cydcor 2015 Summer Interns!

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Cydcor, the leading provider of professional in-person sales teams, provided a select group of students the opportunity of a lifetime: an internship program at Cydcor’s offices in Agoura Hills, CA. Each year, the company provides gifted students with the prospect of building business experience in a real-world corporate setting. Their assignments are designed to match their current interests or studies, such as event planning, finance, or marketing. The interns receive special training and are expected to accomplish real work in their departments. Cydcor is proud to provide this opportunity each year, and help these talented students craft a vision for their professional life after college.

Cydcor’s Summer 2015 interns provided the following feedback on their experience working at our offices in Agoura Hills, CA:


Juan H.
Cydcor Summer 2015 Interns Juan

People here at Cydcor are very welcoming and help interns experience the real business world by treating them as an employee who belongs to their team. In several projects that I worked on, I had the freedom to use my own methodology. For example, when Crystal Fernandez assigned me new tasks, I had the freedom to use the approach I was most comfortable with. One of the best things of working at Cydcor this summer was the opportunity to attend Lunch and Learn. It provides interns the opportunity to explore different departments within the company, and to understand the culture of the company.

What role did you have as an intern, and what was your primary project?

I worked as a business development analyst. My main role within this internship was to provide effective and accurate market research because we are looking for future opportunities to expand our business. Furthermore, this position provided insight into consulting jobs since I was assigned to work on several issues within the department.

How would you describe Cydcor’s company culture?

Cydcor has a unique culture because its main objective is to enhance employees’ productivity by providing them a happy, relaxed, and professional environment. Companies are always concerned about their dress code and professionalism, but what is different about Cydcor is that we perceive results from internal sources rather than external ones. What I mean is that Cydcor’s dress code is less strict than those in other corporations because their main goal is to make an employee feel at home and happy. And when you have happy employees, you get better productivity, efficiency, and good results.

What experiences and new skills gained were most valuable?

After working for Cydcor, I was able to nurture my skills regarding market research analysis, executive decisions, and teamwork experience. Yet, the most valuable skill I gained was time management. My supervisor Crystal Fernandez helped me develop organizational and planning skills because she wanted me to always plan my activities following a schedule, which I feel is a great asset since it enhances one’s output.

What would you say to other students considering an internship at Cydcor?

If you are someone who puts the time, effort, and passion to learn new things, then Cydcor is the right place for you to learn. This company not only gives you the opportunity to express your ideas, but your idea can potentially become one that the executive board could implement. How great would it be for student to have your idea implemented by a company? If you want to contribute to a company’s change and structure come and join Cydcor.


Julian G.

Cydcor Summer 2015 Interns Julian

My journey at Cydcor has been very unique. From the moment I had my first interview, I knew this is where I wanted to spend my summer. Everyone was extremely friendly and humble, and they even told me they would provide me with mentorship and free lunch. What more could a student ask for?

What experiences and new skills gained were most valuable?

Cydcor’s program has been both fascinating and challenging. They not only provided me with interesting tasks, but they were also very challenging. It allowed me to learn every day, developing skills in Excel and Business Intelligence, a software application used to analyze an organization’s financial data.

What would you say to other students considering an internship at Cydcor?

I highly recommend interning at Cydcor because I believe that the things I have learned during the internship will give me a competitive advantage when recruiting next year for a full time job.


 Yangzi Z.
Cydcor Summer 2015 Interns Yangzi

There were many things I enjoyed this summer at Cydcor: the working environment, company culture, the mentorship program, and the Lunch and Learn workshops. And the coolest CEO!

What role did you have as an intern, and what was your primary project?

I worked in the accounting department, mostly providing support. I also worked on several projects, including profitability analysis, invoice reconciliation, invoice recording, bank statement reconciliation, and client financial statement analysis.

How would you describe Cydcor’s company culture?

Company culture is my favorite thing about Cydcor. Personally, I think instead of being a corporate company, Cydcor is more like a big family. Everybody is so close to each other and overall it is a great place to work, learn, and grow.


Tina H.

 Cydcor Summer 2015 Interns Tina

The working environment is collaborative and energetic. I got to learn about what different departments do and how the entire company functions. The people here are friendly and always willing to help.

What role did you have as an intern, and what was your primary project?

I was working for compliance and quality assurance. My primary projects were audit projects to ensure we have quality sales.

How would you describe Cydcor’s company culture?

Cydcor’s company culture is very friendly and collaborative.

What experiences and new skills gained were most valuable?

I really enjoyed the intern project I worked on with all the other interns. I think it’s challenging and helped me improve my problem solving and team work skills. Being in an office and working on real life tasks also helped me learn about how I should act in a business setting.

What would you say to other students considering an internship at Cydcor?

It’ll be a fun learning experience. Don’t miss out.


Miguel B.

Cydcor Summer 2015 Interns Miguel

What role did you have as an intern, and what was your primary project?

My role as an intern was to help out HR and Learning and Development with the open enrollment presentation and the new hire surveys.

How would you describe Cydcor’s company culture?

Based off my personal experience, I would describe Cydcor’s culture as motivating, enthusiastic, positive and joyful.

What experiences and new skills gained were most valuable?

I think the graphic design and video-editing skills I developed was the greatest thing I took away from this experience.

What would you say to other students considering an internship at Cydcor?

I would tell them how great of an experience I’ve had and how much I’ve learned over the course of 10 weeks.


Sam C.

Cydcor-Summer-2015-Interns Sam

 The office has a pool table, Ping-Pong, a lot of free food, and a gym. I have friends that spent their summers getting coffee, making copies, or refreshing their emails. I also think that having other interns my age and sharing a group project was great for my overall experience. I am also working in the newest department at Cydcor so there isn’t really a “protocol” on how to do things, so in my projects I was given a lot of freedom.

What role did you have as an intern, and what was your primary project?

I worked on a digital resource center that the field can use with all of their sales and to make their training more efficient. I also was one of six interns working on the internship project. For the project, we came up with specific recommendations to improve the company and presented our findings to the executive team.

How would you describe Cydcor’s company culture?

It’s welcoming. I think that the people around me reached out at all times and I never felt like a burden, but that people genuinely want to help. I feel as though I know many different people in this big office from all different departments. The atmosphere can be fun and relaxed, but also motivated and focused on the work that needs to be done.

What experiences and new skills gained were most valuable?

I think just being in a real world environment is the thing I will take away the most from this summer. I would also say that working with other people to solve problems has been a skill I have acquired or improved this summer.

What would you say to other students considering an internship at Cydcor?

I would say be prepared to meet a lot of great people and that it is a fun time. I would say that you are going to work hard, but the work is meaningful and it is for people you like and respect.

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September 2, 2015

Cydcor’s Project Launch Inspires Success at Pacifica High School

Cydcor & Pacifica High School Team Up for Project Launch
Cydcor team members pose with studest of Pacifica High School on the first session of Project Launch

Cydcor, the recognized leader in outsourced sales services, recently led an educational outreach experience project titled Project Launch for DECA Academy of Business students. Pacifica High School’s Academy Developing Entrepreneurial and Corporate Assets (DECA) Academy of Business is a career academy at Pacifica High School in Oxnard, CA. Cydcor introduced students to Project Launch on August 20th, continued with additional training on August 21st, and closed on August 28th with an announcement of program winners.

Cydcor’s Project Launch program has been carefully designed to grow student awareness of three significant career options: Hospitality and Tourism, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Business. Students engaged in Project Launch learn professional and personal skills that will prepare them for college or the professional workforce.

Cydcor executive leadership and senior staff have partnered with Glen Polson of Creative Product Sourcing in this educational outreach program to once again show our profound commitment to community service.

Cydcor’s Project Launch is a community outreach program designed to give students an opportunity to work on a real-world business problem. Students are engaged in a scenario that requires them to fill a need, fix a problem, or create an idea. It’s an important training experience for students since every professional person has to face these problems on a regular basis—with increasing complexity—as their careers develop.

Each day of the program has been carefully planned by Cydcor volunteers to create a realistic work experience. The program began on August 20th with Glen Polson of Creative Product Sourcing introducing the main challenge of project—a T-shirt design contest that will benefit the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. The winning design will be sold online and in the D.A.R.E program. This 3-day program includes a second design contest that requires students to create a logo for Project Launch, the 3-day program they’re participating in.

On the first day of this workshop, Cydcor team members provided a 45 minute presentation that allowed students to experience a brainstorming session. It showed the students the skills needed to generate ideas, choose an idea that works, create an action plan, assign tasks, and execute their work plan.

Next day, the students recapped what they learned during the first day. This on-the-spot review was included in the project intentionally to let the students experience the surprises and sudden changes that are part of a real world work situation. In addition, they were introduced to a second challenge – to design the Launch Project Logo.

Students closed the day on a high note with the arrival and focused attention of Cydcor’s President, Gary Polson. He provided insight and advice focused on the importance of engaging in your own education, making the right choices to have a better future, and never giving up no matter the circumstances faced. He encouraged the students to continue to develop their skills and education through opportunities they encounter such as programs like Project Launch.

Cydcor Project Launch 2
The final day of Project Launch where a group of students was chosen as the winner of the D.A.R.E. program t-shirt design challenge.

October 10, 2014

Operation Smile ‘Week of Smiles’ Success Funds 125 Surgeries


Cydcor is excited to announce the success of our ‘Week of Smiles’ campaign, which served as a great opportunity for to work together to raise money for Operation Smile! Operation Smile is a children’s medical organization that helps children who have cleft lips and palates receive new smiles. It has offices across the country to raise awareness and funds. Cydcor is proud to be a part of the Operation Smile network.

Our ‘Week of Smiles’ has raised over $30,000 for Operation Smile. With these funds, doctors, volunteers and equipment will travel to an area where access to healthcare is difficult, providing screenings and surgeries for children. Cleft lips and palates can often make eating and drinking difficult, and Operation Smile looks to restore smiles and give those children a better chance at thriving.

At the beginning of 2014, Cydcor volunteers traveled to San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, where they were able to meet some of the individuals that directly benefited from their fundraising efforts.  In about a month, another team of ours will be headed to Guatamla for our third mission. In all started In 2012, volunteers made a similar trip to Brazil, where more than 600 surgeries were provided to children.  Cydcor is proud of its partnership with Operation Smile and plans to continue working with the organization in the future.

Once again, thank you to everyone in the organization who worked so hard with their fundraisers, we truly couldn’t have done it without you!

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August 14, 2014

Cydcor Trailblazers: What Makes a Leader

Cydcor-What-Makes-A-LeaderDreamers and entrepreneurs are separated by one simple thing: the ability to successfully execute an idea. Assembling the right team to implement an innovative idea takes a strong leader at the helm to make it a reality. The term ‘leadership’ has various definitions, and everyone will have an opinion on the qualities a great leader should possess. However, there are universal key factors that the most successful trailblazers should have.

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Confidence: Those put into leadership roles might worry that showing too much confidence can come across as egotistical or arrogant to their co-workers. A reality is that everyone wants to know and feel that their leader is both capable and secure in their decisions and knowledge. Showing confidence in your posture and presence along with using positive language is also vital. There is also poise in those leaders who are capable of saying, “I don’t know” to their co-workers. It takes great confidence for a leader to admit to not knowing the solution; it also requires having trust in their team to kick into gear and help out.

Communication: A trailblazer can have a lot of ideas, but are they capable of clearly expressing their thoughts effectively to others? Honing communication skills is vital, as you want to be able to succinctly designate and describe what needs to be done in order to produce the idea and meet the goal. Being unable to relate a vision to a team can lead to severe miscommunications and misunderstandings.

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Create a productive atmosphere that focuses on everyone’s communication ability. Open door policies, daily updates and check-ins—and making those in decision-making and planning roles available for discussion—can all contribute to a healthy interoffice environment.

Obligation: Lead by example. A leader has an obligation to stay committed to their goals, and there is no greater motivation for a team than seeing their leader get down alongside them and muscle into the workload. Proving commitment to the brand and idea can earn a leader respect among their workplace. Create a reputation for working hard and keeping promises.


July 11, 2014

How to Make Your Own Luck

Cydcor-LuckA quote by Carl Zuckmayer says, “One-half is luck; the other half is discipline—and that’s the most important half, for without discipline you wouldn’t know what to do with luck.”

Luck doesn’t just happen, and it’s Cydcor is a firm believer that it’s entirely possible to create your own. There are many events that happen over the course of an individual’s life that they have nothing to do with—both negative and positive occurrences.

The concept of ‘luck’ is truly about being at the right time and the right place. But how can you be sure you are?

Those who are successful project an appearance of being positive. When someone is positive, others want to be around him or her. What does ‘be positive’ really mean? Radiate appreciativeness and share your knowledge and friendship with others. Everyone has insecurities, and spending time with those who are negative only exacerbates them.

The more effort you put into creating a positive, professional relationship, the more opportunities will be presented to you. Others will see you have a ‘can-do’ attitude and will turn to you for help. People want to work with those who provide solutions and aren’t bogged down by negative frustrations.

Things are also not as black and white as they appear. Try to keep an open mind and make sure your vision isn’t narrow when it comes to what you feel is possible or impossible. You can miss out on opportunities if you have tunnel vision.

Create your own luck by setting yourself up for opportunities!

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