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March 13, 2014

Cydcor is in Mexico with Operation Smile this week!

Last year, Cydcor raised over $270,000 for Operation Smile to help fund cleft palate surgeries for needy children around the globe.  In July, the fundraiser surpassed $150,000, enough to fund a medical mission to another country.  The mission involves sending doctors, volunteers and equipment to an area where access to healthcare is difficult, and provide screenings and surgeries for children.  Cleft palates often result in complications eating, drinking and speaking, and many infants do not survive.  Those that do often cannot attend school.  Operation Smile hopes to restore millions of smiles and give those children a better chance at thriving.

This week, Cydcor volunteers are in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, meeting some of the people the money they raised are helping.  In 2012, volunteers made a similar trip to Brazil, where more than 600 surgeries were provided to children.  Cydcor is proud of their partnership with Operation Smile and plans to continue working with the organization in the future.

During the mission, volunteers have had the chance to spend time with the families of the children being operated on and see them through the transition of the surgery.  Part of the strategy of Operation Smile is to assist facilities in the field to achieve the ability to provide the treatment of cleft palates and other facial deformities on their own.

You can make a donation to Operation Smile today and support this great cause. Help Cydcor fund another mission!

Cydcor Operation Smile Mexico

Cydcor Operation Smile Mexico

October 30, 2013

Check Out Cydcor Sites!

Check Out Our Great Sites!

At Cydcor, we want to stay connected with our stakeholders and promote the company culture that has made us one of Los Angeles County’s Best Places to Work.  That’s why we’ve decided to make sure we provide a rich digital landscape for our team and network to see what we’re up to and any advice we can offer for success in the sales industry.  We encourage you to like, share and comment on things such as our Day of Smiles Fundraiser, our Cydcor Team Night Out, and other great events this year.

cydcor twitter
Cydcor Twitter Profile

If you haven’t already please start by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  These social media platforms are the best way to interact with the team and see all of our company news and events.  Meanwhile, our LinkedIn Page is a great place to find job postings and see what business articles we are reading this week.

When you are looking for ways to improve your sales skills, we’ve built some excellent resources. Cydcor Reviews has an archive of great sales and business book suggests and reviews from company team members.  We are also accepting submissions for reviews of your favorite business books.  Over on WordPress, our sales blog provides advice for the budding sales person inside you.

For inspiration, Cydcor Community is a place to promote success and company culture. The community blog is a place to learn more about Cydcor, our charitable work, and things that motivate us.  We also share pictures, provide a portal to our Merlin training program, and provide information on why Cydcor is a great place to work. For our favorite motivational quotes, resources and team fun, please follow us on Pinterest.

Do you use any of our sites and enjoy them? Let us know!


May 3, 2012

Great Leaders Make Tough Choices

Listening to a book on tape recently reminded me of George Washington’s great vision, leadership, and sacrifice. Every time I learn about Washington, I appreciate his leadership and ability to balance short- and long-term goals. He held true to his vision for our country, which focused on representative government, civil liberties, religious freedom, and each person being able to control his or her own destiny. The biggest obstacle to achieving this vision was King George III and British dominance over the Colonies.

 Washington faced a difficult choice. He knew that creating the vision that would prove best in the long-term for our country would require short-term sacrifice. He would have to sacrifice personally by risking his life and all his personal wealth, being seven years away from his home and family. The country would have to sacrifice by experiencing short-term economic suffering as well as the deaths and raids caused by war.

Most people shy away from making such a difficult choice. Knowing that short-term sacrifice facilitates long-term success, however, makes the difficult choices easier. Thankfully for us, George Washington was willing to make the necessary sacrifices in the short-term to ensure a better future for America.


April 16, 2012

Cydcor Team Creates Literacy Kits for Local Elementary School

A message from Vera Quinn, chief operating officer

Once again, Cydcor team members tapped into their creative brains to provide a valuable experience to the kids at EARTHS Magnet School! Together, they created 50 literary kits in conjunction with the United Way of Ventura County, then personally donated them to the faculty. The literacy kits were designed to enforce reading and improve reading comprehension through games, worksheets, and crafts. The theme of the book that was selected to be included in the kit – habitats – aligned perfectly with the current theme of the school. Not only that, but the school was so overjoyed that they requested the original files of the worksheet and habitat game so that they could be translated into Spanish for ESL students.

There was a lot of detail and hard work that went into this project. We went above and beyond what was expected and made a real impact on the lives of children in our local community. The kit will be entered into the Ventura Corporate Games charity category as well. We have an awesome team!

March 28, 2012

Cydcor Participates in the Ventura Corporate Games with Energy and Enthusiasm


A message from Vera Quinn, Chief Operating Officer

Ready, set, go! I’m so excited to see our Cydcor team members prepare for the Ventura Corporate Games – they are gearing up to win in numerous categories including volleyball, bowling, indoor volleyball, basketball, kickball, softball, ping pong, dodgeball, football, 5K, mini golf, bowling, and go-karts. As a corporate sponsor and winner of the JD Probasco Spirit Award in 2011, along with several medals, we have been waiting all year to participate in the event again. We’re in it to win it!

To prepare for the Corporate Games, our team members had a tee-shirt competition and the winning design is being printed on the tee-shirts that we’ll wear during the event. We also participated in numerous “practice” sessions, had motivational meetings, and encouraged one another to attend. During Wednesday night’s opening ceremonies, we will have our own booth, participating in the run/walk/jog and enjoying the food and music.

Our enthusiasm, energy, and dedication aligns with the company’s culture that focuses on bringing out the best in one another and showing pride in every task we take on.  The Corporate Games enables us to demonstrate that pride, coming together as a company to get results. We are constantly supporting one another – during the Corporate Games and on a day-to-day basis. I’m looking forward to the games and watching every participant demonstrate what Cydcor is all about – determination, drive, and the will to succeed. It’s all about the team!

March 26, 2012

Cydcor’s Gardening Event at EARTHS Magnet School a Smashing Success

This past Saturday, Cydcor team members, along with the principal and teacher from EARTHS Magnet School, celebrated spring by participating in the school’s first gardening day! During the course of the day, the group pulled weeds, helped design and work on a butterfly garden, trimmed trees, and cleaned and completed other garden areas on campus. Cydcor has been working with the school for many months, tutoring children, providing meals for families over the holiday season, and creating a “giving tree” over the holidays, which allowed Cydcor team members to personally buy a gift for an individual child. This community outreach has taken a personal turn for many team members, who have found that working together to help others aligns perfectly with Cydcor’s mission – and their own.

With the volunteer help Cydcor provided, the school is now able to execute plans they’ve had in the works for awhile, but didn’t have the budget or time to complete. With Cydcor’s assistance, they are able to accomplish many of these goals. Cydcor’s goal? To continue volunteering and working with the school to create useful programs for the school. When Cydcor puts its mind to something, it can accomplish anything.

November 28, 2011

Cydcor Team Members Make a Difference

Team members at Cydcor recently came together and collected food for the company’s Thanksgiving canned food drive, which supported a local elementary school – and helped 100 families enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. Cydcor donated 200 cans of green beans and 100 cans of corn and cranberries. They also donated 100 boxes of stuffing, 100 bags of potatoes, and 100 bags of homemade cookies – and provided a $15 gift card for each family to pick up a fresh turkey from the grocery store. An astounding amount of food…and an example of Cydcor’s commitment to giving back.

The Cydcor team members only had two weeks to gather all of the food and meet the company-wide goal, and they succeeded. They jumped at the opportunity to make a real difference in the local community. Two days before Thanksgiving, they went to the school and personally delivered the goods so that families could stop by throughout the day to pick up their Thanksgiving feast.

Cydcor is committed to improving the lives of others and consistently donates time and raises money for philanthropic organizations across the United States – most recently, the company, together with its network of independently-owned sales offices, raised $150,000 for Operation Smile – and were able to fund an entire mission!

What’s next in store for Cydcor?

October 20, 2011

Facing Sales Growth

As marketing executives focus efforts on the Internet, mobile devices, and other digital avenues to reach or expand their customer base, it becomes easy to overlook one of the oldest forms of outreach to spur business growth – and that is face-to-face sales. Even though face-to-face sales as part of the marketing mix has been successful for many businesses, the approach is often low on the list due to budget concerns and time constraints. It is difficult for businesses to find the staff, training, and resources to execute an extensive sales effort across geographies to target customers in their offices or companies. It is also challenging to find the kind of people with character and follow-through to represent businesses and products well.

The truth is that most companies do not have the internal capabilities to expand their sales force for targeted face-to-face campaigns. To gain revenue and market share, they frequently turn to partners who do. More Fortune 500 companies have hired outsourced face-to-face sales companies, which has unleashed hunters to better identify prospects and close deals. Well-known companies have turned to outsourced sales vendors like Cydcor to market their services and products to small businesses across the country. In addition to top-line growth, the companies are also experiencing bottom-line value by turning over the management and administration of the sales effort, reducing their need to recruit and paying only for successful conversions.

What is driving all of this success? Well-trained, courteous salespeople, the ability to answer questions and customize solutions on the spot, and the personal touch.

Not all face-to-face marketing companies are all alike. Businesses interested in the face-to-face sales approach should weigh the variables carefully before proceeding. Here are some important things to consider:

Track record of success. Like any business partnership, work with organizations that do not just share a vision for success, but deliver on it. Evaluate potential outsourced face-to-face sales firms on the strength of their clients, industry knowledge and relationships, past results and their tenure in the marketplace.

Strength of their sales teams. Pick firms whose business success lies in their ability to hire and manage the most talented full-time, professional sales people, as well as those firms that know how to motivate and inspire their sales teams.

Training and partnership models. Outsourced face-to-face sales partnerships should be just that: partnerships. Look for companies whose compensation is tied with their ability to deliver results. Importantly, the partnering firm should be able to readily translate and deliver training to its sales teams, and help ensure that the culture of the hiring company is presented well in all cases.

Reach. Speed to market is critical for most companies. Face-to-face sales organizations that have local market understanding, national reach and wide experience in myriad industries tend to be better partners because of their ability to incorporate best practices and limit the need for multiple outsourced relationships.

Integrity and Trust. Partnering firms will be your company’s representatives in the marketplace. Pick firms committed to helping your company build a strong and profitable customer relationship while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism to preserve trust, loyalty and integrity of your brand.

As emerging technologies and today’s economic downturn challenge businesses to develop creative marketing approaches, outsourced face-to-face sales as part of the marketing mix can be a sound way forward.

September 27, 2011

We Did It! Cydcor Exceeds $150,000 Fundraising Goal for Operation Smile Mission

Cydcor raises more than $150,000!

I’m constantly amazed at the dedication, perseverance, and commitment of our independent sales offices and internal Cydcor team members, and I’m extremely proud that we have met yet another goal. Collectively, we have raised a total of $150,000 for Operation Smile; the funds will be used for a medical mission to a remote locale in Peru, Cambodia, or Rwanda. Amazing work by amazing, dedicated people.

How did we do this? By coming together and working hard to meet this important goal. In 2010, during our annual R&R event, Operation Smile Ambassador Barbara Majeski announced that all of the independent offices throughout the United States and Canada were challenged to raise funds for Operation Smile, a children’s medical charity that provides free cleft lip and cleft palate reconstructive surgeries worldwide. Barbara had put the program together and introduced everyone to this cause, which she was extremely passionate about. The offices immediately jumped on the opportunity, planning various fundraisers and events to get us closer to our goal. In fact, offices would often compete against each other, showing once again that once they put their minds to something, they accomplish it. At Cydcor, internal team members were working hard as well, raising funds among their family and friends and planning events throughout the year that would help them get to their internal goal.

I’m so happy to announce that we were able to meet the $150,000 goal this month! We did it, and I am extremely impressed by the motivation that each team had to make this a reality. Think about it: Because of the perseverance of our people, we are able to make a significant difference in the lives of children across the globe. They will be able to lead entirely different lives as a result of our hard work. As a people-helping-people business, this is just another example of how we can work together and make tremendous things happen.