Cydcor,  our process

We are constantly evaluating and fine-tuning our outsourced sales techniques to ensure that our clients are achieving the greatest sales growth. Here is how our outsourced sales process works.

Cydcor process step one

Establish terms to pilot new sales program and expand when successful.

Cydcor process step two

Cydcor assigns an account manager to serve as a liaison between the sales offices and our client.

Cydcor process step three

A senior operating executive directs the assigned sales teams in the field.

Cydcor process step four

Product-specific teams work hard to protect and enhance the client’s brand.

Cydcor Process step five

Teams are supported through frequent interaction. We host a number of training, informational and motivational events each year for the sales offices and their teams.

Cydcor process step six

Each field leader meets with their representatives twice a day to ensure the professional representation of our clients.

Cydcor Process step seven

Rigorous best practices and guidelines for professionalism are conducted and followed.

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