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March 28, 2014

10 Ways to Build Trust

Cydcor how to build trust
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As the leader in global outsources sales providers, Cydcor knows how to create winning relationships with clients. Building trust is the foundation of a sales relationship. Trust takes time, effort, honesty and hard work for clients to feel comfortable with your delivery. Even in your career, moving up at work takes the ability to build trust and sell yourself to future managers or employers. Here are some tips from the experts at Cydcor for building trust in your professional life.
1. Get to know your prospect. Ask questions and take an interest in what they are up to.
2. Deliver on your promises. If something goes wrong, make up for it by offering a discount or added goods or services.
3. Remember names, birthdays and specific client needs. It shows that you are thoughtful and care about them as people rather than just a source of money.
4. Only offer what is good for your clients’ needs. Don’t sell anything just for the sake of selling.
5. Be persistent without being annoying. Check in periodically with clients and ask if they need anything from you.
6. Offer helpful advice to your clients. This will establish you as an expert and someone who is invested in their success.
7. Be honest and open. Boasting or pretending to know something when you are not sure will only be taken as disingenuous.
8. Think about the long term. Don’t focus on the instant gratification, but rather come up with plans and solutions that will make you and your prospects happy in the long run.
9. Throw out unnecessary adjectives. Don’t play up your product so much that it sounds too good to be true.
10. Respect the word no, and understand that it can also mean, “not right now.”
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March 25, 2014

Cydcor Reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Cydcor reviews tipping point

Another great book, Cydcor reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Description of this book: Gladwell, a journalist and writer for The New Yorker magazine, is known for his comprehensive examinations of how change or success happens.  The Tipping Point is an in depth look at how ideas get made into wildly popular companies, books or trends.  Everything from television shows to teen smoking, popularity of ideas is modeled like an epidemic.  There are carriers, those that evangelize the idea and get people excited about it.  Malcolm Gladwell explains that there are three types of people involved in spreading an idea: connectors, mavens and salespeople.  Connectors are people with a wide social network that are good at creating communities to rally for the concept.  Mavens are knowledgeable experts that enjoy educating the public on their area of expertise.  Salespeople are gifted at drumming up excitement for new things.

Cydcor recommends this book to future leaders and business people because: Gladwell has a talent for identifying key factors in how to make something popular.  The biggest difference in an idea that fails and one that succeeds is knowing the right people to hand your idea to.  Networking, knocking on the right doors and finding the people who will think the idea is “cool” is the best way to become a viral sensation.  However, Gladwell also explains that ideas need to have “stickiness” factor that will help the important people spread it to others.  Both of those factors also have to an in an environment where the idea and the people are relevant to current sentiment.

Our favorite part: “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”

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March 18, 2014

Cydcor reviews Delivering Happiness



Description of this book: Delivering Happiness by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is the story of how this young man created a new kind of company.  Hsieh wanted to build a business that valued customers, employees, and investors equally.  The CEO puts a strong focus on positive company culture, operating under the theory that a good corporate culture will let everything else fall into place naturally.  A company of happy employees stay in the job longer, work harder and provide better customer service.  Company success has to come from being unique and creating something people will get excited about.  A focus on happiness not only attracted better talent, but gave Zappos a unique edge.

Cydcor recommends this book to leaders because: Hsieh has been able to build multiple companies in his career and has learned how to create a team of people that will work hard for his vision.  Zappos now does over a billion dollars in sales annually.  That is no small feat considering the competitiveness of online retailing.  Future leaders should have a lot to learn about this company and take some ideas that challenge the norm of business leadership.  Building a positive company culture can be a challenge and this book will lay it out for leaders.

Our favorite part: Zappos actually pays employees to quit.  By giving them $2,000 to leave Zappos is they are unhappy, the company is less likely to retain team members who may be a negative influence on the work environment.  That concept and other ideas.

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March 13, 2014

Cydcor is in Mexico with Operation Smile this week!

Last year, Cydcor raised over $270,000 for Operation Smile to help fund cleft palate surgeries for needy children around the globe.  In July, the fundraiser surpassed $150,000, enough to fund a medical mission to another country.  The mission involves sending doctors, volunteers and equipment to an area where access to healthcare is difficult, and provide screenings and surgeries for children.  Cleft palates often result in complications eating, drinking and speaking, and many infants do not survive.  Those that do often cannot attend school.  Operation Smile hopes to restore millions of smiles and give those children a better chance at thriving.

This week, Cydcor volunteers are in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, meeting some of the people the money they raised are helping.  In 2012, volunteers made a similar trip to Brazil, where more than 600 surgeries were provided to children.  Cydcor is proud of their partnership with Operation Smile and plans to continue working with the organization in the future.

During the mission, volunteers have had the chance to spend time with the families of the children being operated on and see them through the transition of the surgery.  Part of the strategy of Operation Smile is to assist facilities in the field to achieve the ability to provide the treatment of cleft palates and other facial deformities on their own.

You can make a donation to Operation Smile today and support this great cause. Help Cydcor fund another mission!

Cydcor Operation Smile Mexico

Cydcor Operation Smile Mexico

March 11, 2014

Investing in Your Career

Cydcor CareerWhen an entrepreneur gets an idea for a business, investments need to be made into the idea to make it a reality.  Investment is not only a reference to financial backing, but personal time, planning and energy.  At Cydcor, we believe today’s job seekers should look to entrepreneurship for inspiration on making career decisions.  Treating your resume like a business plan is the best way to create a career that is fulfilling.  Starting out can be overwhelming, so it is important to plan and build a winning resume that will get the attention of the employers you want to work for.

Start out by deciding on the job you want the most, then work your way backwards.  For example, if you want to be a chief executive officer of a sales and consulting company like Cydcor, then trace the step of the current CEO of the company you like and of its competitors.  Learn what skills you need, such as leadership, communication, finance and project management.  You can improve those skills through school or various projects.  Make a list of skills you need, and the various job titles that will get you the necessary experience, all the way back to the beginning.

Here are some tips on investing in your resume and creating the career you want:

  1. Keep a record of every accomplishment.  Certificates, projects, volunteer work can all help you showcase any skills you develop along the way.
  2. Join relevant professional groups.  Meetings of Young Professionals or other industry related associations can improve your network and give you more ideas about what career paths to pursue.
  3. Take initiative.  Start a website or club, write a book or organize an event to get the experience you want.
  4. Treat every job like it is the best job you’ve ever had.  Taking pride in your work will project reliability, good work ethic and capability to others.
  5. Read plenty of books by people in your field, keep up with industry news, and become an expert in your industry.

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March 6, 2014

Using Social Media to Increase Your Influence

logotwitterIn the digital world of today, most people are checking you and your business out online. Using social media can be an excellent way of building trust and supporting your brand. Cydcor uses a wide variety of social media platforms to reach various audiences and spread ideas. Here are some of our favorites and why.

Twitter is a great business tool. For no cost, businesses have access to a high performing platform to connect to your audience. As you work to establish yourself as an accomplished leader, with Cydcor or otherwise, social media can be a good tool to establish a strong network. Twitter is a great real time tool that will allow to easily spread news, ideas, blog posts and expertise to a wide variety of people. You can also use the # sign (a hashtag) to facilitate chats and answer questions related to a specific topic. You can follow Cydcor on Twitter here.

Facebook has a more relaxed feel to it. This platform is more about building community with people who already feel a connection to your brand. Facebook allows users businesses to post a variety of media and allows for each post to have comments, likes or the ability to share. Like Cydcor’s Facebook page.

logolinkedinLinkedIn can be great for recruiting an excellent team and finding other businesses to partner with. Built to be a professional networking site, LinkedIn shows information about companies and the individuals’ work experiences. LinkedIn shows to have a higher rate of interaction if you are promoting your blog or business related articles. Connect with Cydcor on LinkedIn.

Pinterest is a great place to collect ideas, inspiration and blog posts and present them to an active audience looking to share save those ideas. Cydcor has a variety of career-related Pinterest boards that are fun and interesting. Check out the Cydcor Pinterest Page.

What’s your favorite social media and how do you use it to promote your brand?

February 19, 2014

Cydcor Reviews Lincoln by David Herbert

Cydcor Reviews LincolnIn honor of President’s day, Cydcor chose to review Lincoln by David Herbert to study one of America’s finest leaders throughout history.

Description of this book: This biography covers the life of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.  Lincoln was raised in rural Indiana in a poor household.  The book follows Lincoln’s perspective as he picked himself up through poverty and through political savvy made his way into prominence quickly.  The book examines his character, his key advisors, and reveals his human flaws as well as his greatness.  The author, David Herbert, is a Pulitzer Prize

Cydcor recommends this book to future leaders because: Biographies and autobiographies are excellent sources of inspiration for anyone looking to achieve professional goals. Lincoln is an especially beloved figure for Americans because he was raised in poverty and came from a disadvantage to well educated men raised in wealthy homes in cities.  In many ways, Lincoln is the best representation of the American dream, that hard work and persistence will always pay off.  Cydcor highly recommends any manager to take time to read and learn about prominent figures in our culture, not just for inspiration but to improve critical thinking skills and improve confidence.

Our favorite part: Herbert does an excellent job of making sure to incorporate the realities of being president into the book.  He explores how decisions were made based on the information available to him, rather than taking the traditional route of glorifying the historical figure retrospectively.  It is important to look at leadership objectively and understand that decisions must be made regardless of whether you have all the facts.  Leadership is about being able to make the best judgment calls you can at the time it is necessary.

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January 31, 2014

5 Sales Plays You Can Make Today

Cydcor Sales Plays
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The big game is this weekend, and the competitive of sports has a lot of parallels with sales.  Succeeding in both sports and sales requires strategy, winning, rewards and competing.  Whether you are looking for a career or another client, using your football fandom can help give you an edge that will help you achieve your goals.  The Cydcor team shares its favorite sales plays to attracting clients and building relationships.

The Ice Breaker.  Seek out new prospects with a winning personality.  Cydcor recommends using the “SEE” principles: smile, eye contact and enthusiasm.  Find out what the lead enjoys and find some common ground in the conversation.

The Stat Push.  Bring the facts.  People are often convinced by solid evidence that what you are offering is a better decision.  This includes making sure people recommend your work, testimonials of your success, and information about your product or service.  If you have an answer for everything, no one can argue with you.  But don’t be too pushy with your knowledge; it can turn some people off.  Just be ready for questions.

Cydcor sales plays
Flickr CC Ron Beiber

The Full Rundown.  Go through your entire contact list and send each person a quick email or give them a call.  This will keep your list fresh and relevant, and you can see if any former prospects have changed their minds about your service.  The full rundown can help you prioritize your strategy, and keep you organized

The Hail Prospects. Go all out.  Make a list of all ideal people you want to work with and find ways to contact them.  Go all out, reach for the top, even if you think it’s impossible.  Throw everything you’ve got at your search until something breaks through.

The Double Back. Make sure you follow up with everyone you talk to with a thank you note.  Remember as well that past clients may be interested in upgrades or additional products that you have to offer.

What’s your favorite play?  You can join the Cydcor community and let us know!

December 10, 2013

Tips for A Holiday Office Party

cydcor holiday
Our office holiday tree at Cydcor

Tips for A Holiday Office Party

Team member happiness and engagement is a priority at Cydcor (have you seen our Cydcor Harlem Shake video?).  As office party experts, we wanted to share some tips to make your office party a success.  Planning a holiday office party doesn’t have to be stressful. These suggestions could make your holiday party one of the best ever!

Have food that everyone can enjoy.

It can’t all be sweets. Have food that can accommodate all diets found in the office. Gluten-free or vegan options can add some variety to the typical holiday nourishment. Try this gluten-free Christmas cookie recipe here.

Create a holiday dress theme that will be memorable.

A holiday festivity isn’t complete without a suggested dress code. Be it an ugly sweater party, to dressing up as famous holiday movie characters, the theme of your holiday party can add a new dimension of fun to the typical work gathering. You could even make it holiday-colored formal wear only!

Incorporate community service or charity into the party.

They don’t call it the season of giving for nothing. While collecting money for food and supplies for the party, donate a portion toward you’re a holiday charity. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you will also be promoting a theme of the holiday season! Even better, have the party after a community service event that will aid those who won’t have a place to stay for the holidays. At Cydcor, we try to incorporate our fundraising partnership with Operation Smile into many of our events and activities.

Keep the holiday jams coming (but also be negotiable).

Christmas music on repeat may be enjoyable to some but there are also people who aren’t big fans. Mix it up with a few classic party songs as well as some songs to sing along to, like Frosty the Snowman or Baby, It’s Cold Outside. You could even have an employee perform if there happens to be a musician in the office.

Decorate the office with attractive adornments.

It can be tough to get people into the holiday mood without some merry decorations. From fresh wreaths to ribbon garland, there really is no ceiling when it comes to making your party as festive as possible.

Keep everyone amused with fun activities.

There’s always the classic Secret Santa or White Elephant. People love stations for decorating Christmas cookies or building gingerbread houses. A raffle with prizes is a great holiday staple.

cydcor holiday party
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October 30, 2013

Check Out Cydcor Sites!

Check Out Our Great Sites!

At Cydcor, we want to stay connected with our stakeholders and promote the company culture that has made us one of Los Angeles County’s Best Places to Work.  That’s why we’ve decided to make sure we provide a rich digital landscape for our team and network to see what we’re up to and any advice we can offer for success in the sales industry.  We encourage you to like, share and comment on things such as our Day of Smiles Fundraiser, our Cydcor Team Night Out, and other great events this year.

cydcor twitter
Cydcor Twitter Profile

If you haven’t already please start by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  These social media platforms are the best way to interact with the team and see all of our company news and events.  Meanwhile, our LinkedIn Page is a great place to find job postings and see what business articles we are reading this week.

When you are looking for ways to improve your sales skills, we’ve built some excellent resources. Cydcor Reviews has an archive of great sales and business book suggests and reviews from company team members.  We are also accepting submissions for reviews of your favorite business books.  Over on WordPress, our sales blog provides advice for the budding sales person inside you.

For inspiration, Cydcor Community is a place to promote success and company culture. The community blog is a place to learn more about Cydcor, our charitable work, and things that motivate us.  We also share pictures, provide a portal to our Merlin training program, and provide information on why Cydcor is a great place to work. For our favorite motivational quotes, resources and team fun, please follow us on Pinterest.

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