At Cydcor, our team members have unique, individualized development plans that ensure they grow and evolve based on their personal goals. To help team members fulfill their plans, we provide tailored self-development tools and education on such topics as listening, conducting crucial conversations and public speaking.

the sky's the limit

teachings of stephen covey

Throughout the year, Cydcor team members receive coaching opportunities to apply the teachings of Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleĀ® and successful time management skills. Using the FranklinCovey system, Cydcor team members learn strategies to achieve meaningful results each day.

annual meeting

These meetings are designed as a way for Cydcor team members to network, brainstorm, and collaborate. These events open team members to new ways of thinking and keep their roles exciting.

disc training

DiSC is a model of human behavior that determines why people "do what they do" and is divided up into specific personality traits. Discovering what dimension they are helps team members understand one another more thoroughly and fosters an even more productive creative environment.

situational leadership

Cydcor team members receive situational leadership training, which delves into the idea that the most successful leaders are those who adapt their leadership style to the individual or group they are attempting to lead or influence.

ongoing workshops

Additional learning and development opportunities including ongoing workshops about public speaking, time management, listening, communication, Lunch and Learns, and more.