Bobby Park - Senior VP of Campaign Development

Bobby Park joined Cydcor in 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience in developing sales strategies, building sales organizations, and working with start-ups to increase revenue.

In his current role as Senior Vice President of Campaign Development, Bobby uses his expertise in creating successful office supply and telecommunications verticals for Cydcor, focusing his efforts on the immense opportunities in the wireless industry, and helping Cydcor expand into the emerging and growing wireless market for business-to-business and residential sales campaigns.

Bobby has been responsible for procuring, implementing, and managing some of Cydcor's largest direct-sales initiatives. He has successfully pioneered the use of Cydcor's face-to-face sales teams to acquire customers in the highly competitive office supply sector.

Park pursued his undergraduate degree in molecular biology from C.W. Post College in New York.