Brooke Levy - Senior VP & General Manager of B2B

Brooke Levy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Business to Business, is responsible for managing client relationships, driving results at the campaign management level, and exploring new business opportunities. Under Brooke’s leadership, revenue for one of Cydcor’s residential energy programs tripled in just 18 months. In 2017, she was promoted to head the company’s entire business to business sector. Brooke brings to her role a stellar record of success. With an unwavering work ethic, relentless pursuit of excellence, and ability to execute, she has delivered consistent results throughout her tenure at Cydcor.

Named to Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth Initiatives in 2015, Brooke was instrumental in designing the business and legal framework for both of Cydcor’s proprietary residential energy businesses, eventually taking over campaign management leadership for one of them. In that role, she also developed new mid-market sales opportunities, pairing clients with business models she personally built and tested to ensure long-term growth.

Following a successful 10-year stint as a corporate lawyer with specialties in mergers and acquisitions as well as private equity, Brooke joined Cydcor in 2013 to serve as the company’s U.S. General Counsel. In this role, she proved herself an invaluable asset not only for her legal acumen, but also for her ability to identify opportunities in emerging industries.

Brooke holds her Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University School of Law and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Austin.