what does cydcor do?

Cydcor is an expert in sales and customer acquisition. We create new campaigns and growth strategies for our clients that we can put in place through sales teams almost immediately. As the leading provider of professional outsourced face-to-face sales teams, we provide profitable and successful results to a diverse client base. Clients in the following industries benefit from our approach include telecommunications, energy, financial services, office supplies, and home entertainment, among others.

can i buy an office?

No. Cydcor has a reputation for providing consistent and exceptional results for our clients. To uphold and maintain that reputation, we only work with sales leaders who have a proven track record for results in our sales network. In this way, we try to ensure that we are only contracting with business owners who have attained great success with integrity.

why do i see cydcor complaints online?

We care about people’s experience at Cydcor and with the independently owned and operated sales offices we contract with. If something didn’t go well, we encourage people to let us know, including leaving feedback on our Cydcor Reviews page.

The reality is, sales isn’t for everyone - it can be hard for some, and a thrill for others. While the independently owned and operated sales offices currently employ or contract with over 4,000 sales representatives, many more individuals have since left the business. Many who have left to pursue other exciting career opportunities have told us that they attribute their success to the skills they developed while doing sales and that they are infinitely grateful for the opportunity. Others have tried sales for a few days, even a few hours, and realized sales is not for them. It’s no surprise – many fear public speaking more than death! Given the nature of sales and the number of individuals who interview at one of the independently owned and operated sales offices, there will always be some complaints. However, Cydcor will always strive to work with the sales offices to ensure as many people as possible stay in, and leave, the business with having a smile on their face.

how long has cydcor been in business?

Cydcor has been in business since 1994. Under the new leadership of Gary Polson and Jim Majeski, Cydcor moved its headquarters to the United States from Canada in 2001. Since that time, Cydcor continues to offer a unique value to our impressive client roster, and play an integral role in helping leading companies achieve their business goals.

is the opportunity that cydcor provides for its network of independently owned sales offices for everyone?

Field sales and in-person marketing requires a certain career preference and demeanor. Some people have the personality to really excel in a sales environment; others are less suited. Those with a natural aptitude for field sales do extremely well in this career and are rewarded with opportunities for substantial long-term success. Through each interviewing process, it's determined whether there is a fit between a candidate aspiring to build a career and a company looking to help individuals make successful careers.

why have i seen cydcor referred to as a cult?

We have seen some individuals refer to our business as a cult as well. This puts us in the company of some of the biggest retailers, online companies, and professional legal and tax firms who have also been referred to as cults.

Cydcor, and many of the independently owned and operated sales offices, pride ourselves on offering our employees/contractors a unique experience, including a fun work-environment, opportunities for self-improvement and development, a feeling of belonging that is often compared to a club, fraternity, team nights and a sense of appreciation for one another (including, celebrations of accomplishments, successes and achievement). We, and they, are proud to offer the rewarding and fun experience experienced by many in our business and will never stop striving toward creating a more valuable and supportive environment. If these are the makings of a cult (namely, a social group with novel beliefs and practices), we can’t help but be proud of our incredible CULT(URE). Not everyone should be depressed at work!

how do sales offices sell on behalf of Cydcor's clients?

Fortune 500 and emerging companies engage Cydcor by entering into agreements for us to sell on their behalf. At the same time, Cydcor works with a network of more than 350 independently owned sales offices across the country that exclusively sell our clients’ products and services in residential, business-to-business, and/or retail channels. Cydcor manages the delivery of sales and marketing services between our clients and the network of offices that will represent them. We create productive and quality customer relationships for our clients to help them reach their business goals.

is cydcor either a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing company.


A pyramid scheme is an illegal and, ultimately, unsustainable model that relies on recruiting members with a promise of payments or other value for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than providing products or services to end-users.

An MLM, or multi-level marketing company, typically requires its sellers to invest in the purchase of goods and services with their own money, and they are expected to resell products through relationship marketing like word of mouth and/or referrals.

In contrast, Cydcor’s network offers and sells products and services of some of the best-known brands in the world to end-users through a network of independently owned and operated sales offices that have exclusive agreements with Cydcor. Cydcor compensates the sales offices for the sales they make for our clients, if they uphold the client’s quality standards in connection with the sales.

The independent sales offices do not invest nor pay Cydcor a fee to open a sales office or to represent its clients. Sales offices are not required to purchase goods or services they sell.