wherever clients need us to be...

Cydcor's integrated internal support structure enables us to provide clients with superior outsourced sales solutions. Each department is fully focused on its mission within the company. As a whole, that allows us to significantly grow and achieve unmatched sales results for our clients.

Our team members work seamlessly together to provide support and solutions for our clients and the sales representatives in the field. Our culture of collaboration internally and with clients ensures that we provide the world-class solutions that we're known for.


Our sales come from direct, face-to-face contact with customers at their homes. We've found that our sales approach allows us to get results that typical sales-techniques can't touch.


The independent sales teams meet with the decision makers of small and medium-sized business owners. Cydcor has built a stellar reputation among our business-to-business clients by surpassing their outsourced sales and marketing goals.

retail sales

Building on its reputation as leader in outsourced, face-to-face sales, Cydcor is rapidly expanding its services into the retail sales channel. Our sales offices grow top-line sales results through in-store marketing initiatives designed to improve client- customer engagement.