Crystal Fernandez

Director, Operations and IT

Music Lover, Adventurer, Thrill Seeker
What do you do at Cydcor?

In my role as Director, Operations and IT, I am responsible for developing and overseeing the territory management function, ensuring that plans are organized to achieve territory optimization and market share growth for Cydcor and our clients.

What makes Cydcor Special?

We have a group of very motivated, talented, and ambitious individuals who are constantly pushing themselves and others to be better, and they are what make Cydcor special. At Cydcor, people are eager to help others win. People are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others so that they might grab ahold of their opportunity and live out their personal and professional dreams.

crystal otj

Crystal, getting every brain in the game, as she collaborates with Cydcor colleagues.

How has working at Cydcor helped you grow?

The leadership and executive teams here at Cydcor are not only impressive from a business acumen perspective, but also experienced in coaching and developing others. This, to me, is probably one of the most invaluable aspects of our business. I cannot think of any other company where team members are exposed to and have easy access to such experienced business professionals as they do here. Above all else, when I think about the coaching and development I get from the leadership team, it has not been aimed at making me the best team member for Cydcor, it has been focused on making me the best me—the best version of Crystal, I can be.

What is your favorite part of working at Cydcor?

What has and continues to excite me about this company, and why I’ve made the decision to dedicate and commit myself to Cydcor, boils down to three things:

1. A growing business
2. Great leadership
3. Limitless opportunities

crystal personal

Always a thrill-seeker, Crystal takes the plunge on a tandem skydive.

What do you love about the business?

In the years that I’ve been with Cydcor, I’ve seen people earn the opportunity to create and develop teams, build and grow departments, lead pilot programs for potential clients and campaigns, and run sectors of our business. I’ve seen opportunity unfold in the way of promotions and new business.