Kelli MacIver

Senior Director, Learning and Development

Adventurer, Foodie, Voracious Learner

What do you do at Cydcor?

I support an awesome team of individuals focused on the experience of our field partners- from entry level to Consultant. As Sr. Director of the Learning and Development Department, my responsibilities are to ensure we provide world-class learning to our independent sales companies, support their recruiting efforts, plan amazing events recognizing our top performers and provide an effective territory platform for them to use in the field.

What makes Cydcor Special?

There is no place like Cydcor. Cydcor provides an amazing opportunity to entrepreneurial-minded professionals. Where else can you achieve your goals based solely on your own personal work ethic and performance? Cydcor is a place where strong values thrive.

Kelli MacIver enjoys a public garden

Kelli pays a visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.

How has working at Cydcor helped you grow?

When I started with Cydcor, I was 20, fresh out of college, and I had no clue what I wanted to do. I was given an opportunity to learn this business from the ground up. Through close relationships with my mentors and a strong focus on personal and professional development, I have made large strides in my career. I have dubbed my mentors at Cydcor as my "coaching dream team". So, anything I want to learn or get better at, I have resources available to me; it's up to me to utilize them.

What is your favorite part of working at Cydcor?

My favorite part of working here has been the deep personal relationships I have formed with my teammates. I can truly call them friends. My husband and I eloped and the only person I told before that happened was Cydcor CEO & President, Vera Quinn! I've never drawn a line between work and personal, nor have I ever wanted to!

Kelli and Agnes proudly showing their Tribute to Learning Award.

Kelli and Agnes proudly showing their Tribute to Learning Award.

What do you love about the business?

Again, it's all about the people!