Manilynn Disuanco

Events Manager

Nerd, Animal Lover, Foodie
What do you do at Cydcor?

As the Events Manager, I am responsible for almost 100 events that range in size from 1800 field representatives at a National Conference in New Orleans to a five-person office visit at our headquarters in Agoura Hills. I love to create experiences and events that make people fall in love with Cydcor and our business. Most importantly, in my role on the Field Solutions team, I'm responsible for the development of two event planners. My goal is to help develop them professionally and personally and make sure they are hitting their goals and moving up within the company. If they win, I win, and Cydcor wins too!

What makes Cydcor Special?

With a leadership team that genuinely cares for its team and coworkers that end up being your friends, the people at Cydcor are what make it such a great place to work. It's awesome to get both professional and personal development in a supportive and fun environment.

Mani, presenting on stage at a recruiting mixer during Cydcor’s National Conference.

How has working at Cydcor helped you grow?

Working at Cydcor has helped me develop my communication skills and management style tremendously. I feel lucky to have multiple mentors and coaches who are experienced in all aspects of business and who so graciously make time to have one-on-ones with me. I am constantly challenged and have learned to be an even better problem solver as a result. I love that every day is different and that there’s always something new to learn!

What is your favorite part of working at Cydcor?

The snacks obviously! But seriously, my favorite parts of working here are my teammates and colleagues! I truly love seeing my coworkers every day. It's fun to collaborate with intelligent, hardworking, and thoughtful individuals across departments. My manager is a great mentor and someone I look up to. My team members inspire me to be a better manager. Even if someone is not in your department, they want to help you and see you be successful. It feels like a big family, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this culture.

Mani with the two things she loves most, her dogs and her coffee!

What do you love about the business?

I started in a sales office as a recruiter over six years ago! Then I joined Cydcor. What I love is the opportunity for anyone, no matter their background or experience, to grow and create an opportunity for themselves and others.  The only way to truly succeed here is to help others succeed.