Nichole Aikman

Territory Optimization, Senior System Specialist

Foodie, Thrill Seeker, Voracious Learner
What do you do at Cydcor?

In Territory Optimization, as Senior System Specialist, I am responsible for creating and improving territory processes within our Salesforce software. I handle the development and implementation of new processes in Salesforce and analyze data to find trends and improve the system.

What makes Cydcor Special?

Cydcor is special because if you want to grow and learn there are tools and people to support you along the way. There are great coaches and mentors available within the company who want you to win and are there for guidance at every step.

Nichole enjoys a morning Hike at Wildwood Park with Crystal Fernandez, Sara Lear, Jenn Cauvin and Jazz Clement.

How has working at Cydcor helped you grow?

I have been given the tools and exposure to sharpen skills I currently have and develop new ones I did not know I am cable of. At Cydcor, you have people invested to help you become the best that you can be.

What is your favorite part of working at Cydcor?

Everyone here is working toward the same goal and is pushing each other so we can achieve it. At the same time, there are many different opportunities within the company, which allows you to grow and truly find what you are passionate about.

Nichole in Florida at the Sawgrass Recreation Park, holding a baby gator after riding on the air boat tour.

What do you love about the business?

In my position, I get to work with many different parts of the business daily. Whether it is working with the sales company owners on territory questions, working together on lead processes with the client, working with IT to build new processes, or collaborating with Compliance to support new sales company launches, it makes my day to day interesting and never the same.