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Cydcor is a leading provider of outsourced sales services, with more than 20 years of direct sales and customer retention expertise!

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How We Do It


Telesales and in-person customer acquisition experts deliver more


Cross-sell, upsell, and referral call center programs generate more value from existing customers.


Call center and email touchpoint campaigns re-engage with inactive or canceled customers to increase conversions.

why cydcor

trusted partner

leadership. expertise. security.

  • Award-winning partner to Fortune 500 companies
  • 20+ years of customer acquisition and retention expertise
  • Ensures full compliance with call center and in-person sales and regulatory requirements

results driven

performance. technology. confidence.

  • Has delivered large increases in year-over-year sales up to 58%
  • Leverages Salesforce — world's #1 CRM platform
  • Offers low risk, high return compensation models

turnkey solution

knowledge. speed. scalability.

  • Deep understanding of products, services and customers
  • Ability to quickly launch and execute programs and changes
  • Capacity to expand from pilot to full scale campaigns