We Make Brands Top-Of-Mind

It’s a busy world out there — but our clients aren’t getting lost in the shuffle. That’s because our outsourced, omnichannel campaigns reach the customers they want, wherever they might be.

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Campaigns Tailored to Your Goals

In our almost three decades in business, we’re yet to have two sales campaigns that are exactly alike. Every brand is unique, and every project is customized to your objectives!

How We Wow

Clients with high standards trust us — because at Cydcor, our standards are even higher. We only contract with sales companies that are owned by individuals who:

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Have represented clients’ brands with integrity

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Have worked with A-class brands

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Have a proven track record of success

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Have demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism

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Have a history of compliance with client & Cydcor campaign guidelines and policies

Connecting Great Brands with the Right Customers

Our clients are looking to reach a wide range of customer markets. This has driven us to grow our presence across North America to meet a wide variety of needs. Residential, retail, and business-to-business sales are all in our wheelhouse. We’ve even pioneered top-of-the-line digital and over-the-phone solutions to help make everything we do more effective than ever.

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