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July 25, 2024

ICYMI: Get Sales Inspiration from These Iconic Movie Quotes

What do these famous movie characters have to say about sales?

If Yoda was a sales manager, what would he say at the team meeting? Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross isn’t the nicest of characters, but he still has the most quotable sales lines of all time. Citizen Kane isn’t just the greatest movie of all time because it has a good story — it also teaches us a thing or two about what business success really is. Business and Hollywood collide in this blog. Here are 10 inspiring sales quotes […]

July 17, 2024

180. A Journey of Perseverance and Achievement with Vera Quinn

The Leadership Project Podcast

💭 Have you ever wondered how one simple choice can change the trajectory of your entire life? In this episode of The Leadership Project, we welcome Vera Quinn, CEO and President of Cydcor, to delve into her inspiring career journey. Vera shares her life story, starting from her immigrant parents’ humble beginnings in Toronto, through various challenges including the early loss of her mother, to her rise from door-to-door sales to leading a $330 million organization. Key leadership lessons fro… […]

July 11, 2024

Here’s a Four-Step-Framework for Responding to Negative Customer Feedback

Cat perched on fence

Criticism is an opportunity for growth — but only if you know how to properly deal with customer complaints.  Let’s face it — everyone’s a critic these days, and it’s all but impossible to work a job without getting some negative feedback at some point in your career. Even the most successful people deal with valid criticism. In the end, their ability to handle and interact with that feedback is what sets them apart.  Knowing how to isolate, identify, reflect […]

July 8, 2024

#109 Leading business through people with Vera Quinn

“Life is about taking risks, I don’t think you get incredible rewards without incredible risks….. the best things in life are often risky.” Listen to the Podcast A brilliant conversation with Vera Quinn about how to successfully navigate business challenges and opportunities. Vera puts the focus on people and what we can learn from each other if we are open to embracing this. we live in a world where life and systems in general are set up to reward people […]

June 27, 2024

ICYMI: Is Being on Time Important?

The best way to get ahead? Be on time

Are we just being sticklers—or does being on time ACTUALLY matter? If there’s anything we’ve learned from three decades in business (and counting), it’s that time is one of our greatest assets as entrepreneurs. If you don’t keep on schedule—and disrespect the time of others—you’re not going to get very far at all! In this blog, we highlight 7 reasons being on time matters—and how you can make punctuality your superpower. 7 Reasons Being on Time Matters

June 13, 2024

Rising To The Top: Vera Quinn’s Inspiring Journey To Leadership

Today’s guest is motivating and inspirational. When I met Vera Quinn, my guest today, I felt like a fire was lit underneath me. I love Vera’s energy, grit, and perseverance. She is a woman who achieves her goals, but also gives back, which is inspiring to see. I’m sure you will be inspired by Vera’s personal story of her road to CEO, just like I was. During our conversation, Vera and I chatted about: Why perseverance and drive are the […]

Listening is The BEST SKILL You Can Develop As a Leader

Here’s how to level up your listening skills and become a better leader. Have you ever stopped in the middle of a conversation and thought, wait a minute, this person isn’t even listening? It’s a frustrating feeling. The reality is that most of the time, people really aren’t listening. Despite what you may think, it’s not enough to just sit back and let noise flow into your ears.  The art of listening lies in two things: So what does this […]

June 3, 2024

Top 5 Corporate Events 2024

Visit the original article here. From networking with industry leaders to learning from top innovators, these are the can’t-miss events for this year. Connecting with others is the best way to grow as a professional. Most of the world’s top companies understand this—and put on yearly conferences to bring their organization, network, and industry together. Among these, some organizations take it to a whole other level. Featuring life-changing breakouts and late-night networking parties, here are the top corporate events we can’t […]

May 30, 2024

Benjamin Franklin Quotes on Leadership

Ben Franklin had much to say about leadership…

Inventor, politician, writer… Benjamin Franklin wore a lot of hats in his life (in addition to being the guy on the $100 bill). But in everything he did, he was a leader — and his quotes on the topic can benefit every aspect of our lives.  Cydcor Chairman and former CEO Gary Polson has learned a lot from this legendary founding father. In this blog, he shares 5 leadership lessons from “The First American.” Five Leadership Lessons from Benjamin Franklin

May 23, 2024

Sales Leadership + Winning Mindset with Vera Quinn, CEO of Cydcor

Since joining Cydcor more than 20 years ago, Vera Quinn has been a driving force behind the company’s success. Vera was named President in 2015, and in 2016, Cydcor achieved a record year in revenue. Vera is primarily accountable for cultivating strong client relationships and ensuring sustained revenue growth. She heads Cydcor’s retail, residential, and business-to-business divisions and is responsible for broadening Cydcor’s reach through strategic business development and new client acquisition. Vera oversees campaign management, field management, and a […]

In Conversation With…Vera Quinn CEO and President of Cydcor

In the episode we explore leadership and the current challenges which is faced by many of the leaders around the world. Vera’s approach to leadership is truly inspiring and her story is one which we can all learn a lot from. There is so much value in this episode, and the discussion which we had is another which I am very proud to bring you, there is definitely some nuggets of wisdom within this episode for every leader to take […]

May 10, 2024

Cydcor’s Spotlight on Three Kick Ass Entrepreneurs

Celebrating three innovative game-changers.  Here at Cydcor, we foster and celebrate a community of entrepreneurial ass kickers, while priding ourselves on being unmatched in our drive to help emerging companies achieve their goals. And while our expertise is what we believe sets us apart from the rest, this article shifts the focus to industry giants who are now changing the lives of others. It’s easy for titans such as the three people below to celebrate their global success and ride […]