June 13, 2024

Rising To The Top: Vera Quinn’s Inspiring Journey To Leadership

Today’s guest is motivating and inspirational. When I met Vera Quinn, my guest today, I felt like a fire was lit underneath me. I love Vera’s energy, grit, and perseverance. She is a woman who achieves her goals, but also gives back, which is inspiring to see. I’m sure you will be inspired by Vera’s personal story of her road to CEO, just like I was.

During our conversation, Vera and I chatted about:

Why perseverance and drive are the backbone of who Vera is. Vera’s personal and professional values and why they are the underpinning of everything she has done in her career. What strategic and people-centered leadership are and how Vera has used these principles to become the CEO of Cydcor. The book that Vera has been reading for 23 years in a row and why. We also touched on the foundation that she runs called the MyTQuinn Foundation, which is an amazing story in and of itself.

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