May 14, 2014

10 Laws of Success

cydcor successWhile Cydcor knows there isn’t one way to achieve goals and become successful, there are certain truths about a successful career that remain. Especial for those choosing a career in sales, these ten laws will guide you through to generating a good income for your clients, your company, and yourself. These laws are based on classic clichés you are tired of hearing, but there is still value behind them.

  1. Fake it till you make it works as a strategy. This doesn’t mean you can slack off, but rather refers to confidence about your abilities. Even when you don’t feel like the strongest candidate or the most skilled sales representative, acting like you are will help you feel better about your journey, and you may surprise yourself.
  2. It’s lonely at the top, bring a team. Don’t forget to lift others up with you and surround yourself with equally ambitious people. There is no room in your life for those who wish to naysay or weigh you down, you have to keep moving ahead and realize those who are not rising with you are not acting in anyone’s best interest.
  3. Burning bridges is never pretty. Leaving something with a bitter taste in your mouth can come back to haunt you. Remember not to speak ill of anyone you meet in your professional life, as you never know when paths will cross again.
  4. Eye on the prize keeps you in perspective. Every decision you make should be getting you closer to your goal.
  5. Try, try again, because what other choice do you have?
  6. Success breeds success, so don’t forget to keep going! Once you have achieved one goal, set another right away.
  7. The sky is the limit when you set benchmarks. Setting high in the sky goals can be lofty and overwhelming. Make sure you get where you need to go by creating stepping stones and benchmarks.
  8. Weather the storm when times are rough. It will get better, inevitably. Life goes through cycles, and bad times are just bad times. Stay focused and you will pull through.
  9. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, so take what you can get at each moment. Bigger fish are on their way, but celebrate your small success as well. How’s that for multiple clichés in one sentence?
  10. A stitch in time saves nine, so don’t ignore your problems. Take care of things as they come up. It will save you a headache later.

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