November 20, 2015

10 Terrific TED Talks to Improve Your Sales and Business Skills

10 Terrific TED Talks to Improve Your Sales and Business Skills
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TED Talks will improve your understanding of a complex concept or help you to master new skills. Humor, imagination, and authentic emotion energize these talks and guarantee your engagement.

TED wants to change your life. It’s that simple. This popular nonprofit was launched in 1984 as a conference exploring the convergence of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). TED Talks offer viewers a glimpse into the workings of some of the leading minds in the world today.

The problem with such a vast array of rich resources is that it makes tracking down the topics that will provide an immediate career benefit a bit more difficult. When you have the time, plan to take a tour of the TED Talks available online. You never know what insights you might find from a subject that has no direct connection to your industry.

When your time is limited and you’re looking for insights to improve your performance in business and sales, start with these 10 talks. Each speaker we’ve selected provides a powerful personal story and insights that will have a direct impact on your professional life.

Make yourself comfortable and prepare to open your mind. Your journey to excellence is about to begin.

1. The Puzzle of Motivation | Dan Pink


2. Five Ways To Kill Your Dreams | Bel Pesce

3. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are | Amy Cuddy

4. Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen! | Ernesto Sirolli


5. The Power Of Believing You Can Improve | Carol Dweck

6. Try Something New For 30 Days | Matt Cutts

7. How To Make Work-Life Balance Work | Nigel Marsh

8. Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World | Eddie Obeng

9. The Key To Success? Grit. | Angela Lee Duckworth


10. What It Takes To Be A Great Leader | Roselinde Torres

Have you listened to a TED Talk or attended an event in person? Do you have a favorite speaker or subject? If you were going to give a TED Talk, what would you talk about? Please comment here, share your story on Twitter, and follow us @Cydcor. Invite your friends and colleagues to participate in this discussion; you might spark a TED Talk of your very own.

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