March 28, 2014

10 Ways to Build Trust

Cydcor how to build trust
Flickr CC- Robert Wallace

As a leader in outsourced sales, Cydcor knows how to create winning relationships with clients. Building trust is the foundation of a sales relationship. Trust takes time, effort, honesty and hard work for clients to feel comfortable with your delivery. Even in your career, moving up at work takes the ability to build trust and sell yourself to future managers or employers. Here are some tips from the experts at Cydcor for building trust in your professional life.
1. Get to know your prospect. Ask questions and take an interest in what they are up to.
2. Deliver on your promises. If something goes wrong, make up for it by offering a discount or added goods or services.
3. Remember names, birthdays and specific client needs. It shows that you are thoughtful and care about them as people rather than just a source of money.
4. Only offer what is good for your clients’ needs. Don’t sell anything just for the sake of selling.
5. Be persistent without being annoying. Check in periodically with clients and ask if they need anything from you.
6. Offer helpful advice to your clients. This will establish you as an expert and someone who is invested in their success.
7. Be honest and open. Boasting or pretending to know something when you are not sure will only be taken as disingenuous.
8. Think about the long term. Don’t focus on the instant gratification, but rather come up with plans and solutions that will make you and your prospects happy in the long run.
9. Throw out unnecessary adjectives. Don’t play up your product so much that it sounds too good to be true.
10. Respect the word no, and understand that it can also mean, “not right now.”
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