April 10, 2015

4 Movies to Motivate Your Inner Entrepreneur

Cydcor-Sales-GlengaryBeing inspired by a work of art is not unusual for many professionals. For example, finding motivation and inspiration in a film can lead to thinking bigger. The following are four films that can teach an entrepreneur the values needed to succeed in the business world. They also offer valuable life lessons on how to succeed when the going gets tough.

Glengary Glenn Ross

A film focusing the Chicago real estate scene, Glengarry Glen Ross is essential for anyone looking to get involved in the business and sales industry. Being an entrepreneur means volunteering for a brutal world, and this film gives good insight on what it’s going to be like. These real estate salesmen put it all on the line when stakes are high, and the pressure is on. Additionally, it’s worth watching for the motivational scene with Alec Baldwin giving a pep talk to the main protagonists.

The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar for his take on famous movie director and aviator Howard Hughes. Facing huge obstacles to get his work made, Hughes spent massive amounts of time on his attention to detail and perfectionism, and it shines through his work. For an entrepreneur, this film shows that it’s never going to be easy or simple work, but it will be worthwhile. Howard Hughes serves as a shining example of the dedication required to make a name for yourself.

Risky Business

The movie that put Tom Cruise on the map, Risky Business is much more than one scene of a guy dancing in his underwear. Heading out of town, Joel’s parents leave the house and their Porsche to be cared for by their teenage son. Things go awry, and Joel finds himself in a situation where he needs cash fast. This is an interesting film about thinking outside the box when things get tough. Joel may not make the soundest decisions, but he goes with the flow and ends up succeeding. This is the path of an entrepreneur: taking chances to get the biggest results.


Although not much to do with business, Rocky tells an amazing underdog story for anyone to enjoy. The rags to riches story of Rocky Balboa is heartwarming, emotional, and encouraging. Uneducated but with a heart of gold, this small-time club fighter gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship. This film can teach an entrepreneur that you don’t need to be the biggest dog in the fight to succeed. All it takes is proper training and work ethic to outmatch the competition.

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