February 17, 2014

5 Creative Ways to Network

As a sales company, Cydcor knows it’s a noisy world out there.  Creating a strong network for a sales business is hard work, and takes persistence.  It can be tough to generate leads, and to get in touch with people.  Sometimes, making a good impression means standing out from the crowd and being different.  Here are some interesting strategies to make sure you get what you are looking for in your professional life.

Using Google Ads.  A few years ago, a job seeker gained national attention through buying Google ads targeted at an employer he wanted to work for.  In 2010, Alec Brownstein targeted executives of ad companies so that the right people would follow links to his portfolio.  See the video of Brownstiein’s tactics on CBS News.

Introduce yourself to everyone.  Use the term “elevator speech” literally.  Meet people in line for coffee, in the elevator, at the grocery store.  You never know who you are going to meet, and talking to strangers has become an unusual practice, especially in big cities.  Being friendly could get you the exposure you are looking for.

Volunteer your time for a local charity.  Do not be afraid to use giving back to the community as a networking opportunity as well.  Volunteer for tasks that are suited to your skills, or for organizations that reflect your interests and values.  Meeting like-minded people is a good networking tactic, and it is work that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Plan an event in your field.  Brainstorm to find an idea that would attract people in your field to you.  Giving a seminar, hosting a networking event or throwing a charity fundraiser would be a good away to get attention and help others do the same.

Write articles to pitch to media sites.  Craft an intelligent, informative article for a site like Huffington Post, Fast Company or an industry blog and pitch the article to the sites.  Getting published on a high authority site can increase your visibility online and thus have more chops to show potential employers or business opportunities when they search for you.

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