March 6, 2019

6 Morning Routine Ideas Successful People Swear By

Image of a person holding a cup in his/her hands that says "Hello Monday Let's Do This!"
6 Morning Routine Ideas Successful People Swear By


“I’m not a morning person.” We hear people say this all the time. But guess what? Becoming a morning person might be the extra edge you’ve been looking for to skyrocket your success. With few exceptions, most people who’ve reached high levels in their careers have developed a daily morning routine that they stick to religiously.


An effective morning routine sets you up for a productive and positive day. While hitting the snooze button three times, showering quickly, and rushing out the door might be easier, most top performers will tell you that you’re missing out on a major opportunity to improve your life.


There is no “one size fits all” grouping of successful habits. Certain activities that work wonders for one person might be fruitless for another. It’s important to experiment with what works best for you and to pay attention to what behaviors are and aren’t adding value to your day.


Here are six ideas to consider adding to your own daily morning routine.


But first, coffee.

Okay, not necessarily first, but certainly before you head to work. Numerous reputable studies have shown the long-term health benefits of drinking coffee; and certainly, the immediate benefits are plentiful as well. Even just one cup can kickstart a healthy morning routine, increasing your energy levels and giving you the boost to follow through on the next steps.


Get the blood flowing.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is get moving in the morning. Whether this means a walk around the block, some light yoga or stretching, or a full-blown work out, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased energy and focus during the rest of your morning routine—and throughout the rest of your day.


Peaceful solitude.

Give yourself a few minutes (or more!) each morning to enjoy the calm before the storm. Turn off the television, close your laptop, and put your phone away. Perhaps pull out a notepad and jot down what you’re most grateful for. Think about the day ahead and what you’d like to accomplish.


Do something small that makes you happy.

 Maybe it’s swinging by Dunkin’ Donuts for your favorite caramel latte on your way to the gym. Maybe it’s snuggling with your kids or tossing the ball for your dog. You know yourself best. Having something to look forward to not only makes it easier to wake up each morning, but it also gives you a major mood boost that will carry through to the rest of your day.


Look good, feel good.

We’ve all had those mornings when all there was time for was a rushed shower, followed by a haphazard “whatever’s clean” outfit selection, and dashing out the door. When our clothes are mismatched or wrinkled and our hair is a mess, it can be hard to feel good about ourselves. Avoid this unnecessary hit to your self-confidence by setting aside sufficient time to look and feel your best, whatever that means for you.


Cue up a podcast or audiobook.

This is a fantastic way to not only awaken your mind in the morning but to ensure that each day you are learning something new. Try listening to an interesting podcast or audiobook while you’re exercising or commuting. It will make the time fly by and might even give you a useful idea to implement in your work day.


As with all new habits, getting started is the hardest. Establishing a healthy morning routine is going to require self-discipline and patience. Facing a few setbacks is normal and shouldn’t keep you from getting back on the horse. The good news is, once you get going, it will become easier and more automatic.

It’s also important to note that your morning routine might evolve over time. Perhaps you’ll start with a 15-minute walk and work up to a longer session in the gym. Maybe you’ll find that you can shower at night instead, skip the coffee run, or add something completely new to your plan. Either way, don’t let the idea of a “perfect” morning schedule keep you from getting started.


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