May 9, 2018

7 Benefits of Outsourced Sales & Marketing

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Benefits of Outsourced Sales & Marketing: Why Outsourcing is a Winning Business Strategy

As businesses develop their strategies for growth, more and more management teams are recognizing that outsourced sales and marketing can be their secret weapon to achieve their company’s revenue goals. Outsourcing marketing activities can provide significant benefits including fewer costs, faster growth, and greater efficiency. By enlisting the help of a sales and marketing company like Cydcor, businesses can edge out their competitors and achieve their sales goals while focusing their internal resources on key projects to drive business forward.


By outsourcing sales and marketing efforts, your organization can accomplish the following:


  1. Increase Sales Revenue

An expert, full-service outsourced sales company can effectively drive sales growth while also reducing the need to devote as much of your marketing budget and resources to recruiting, training, managing, and retaining competent sales staff. Cydcor can rapidly launch and grow sales programs staffed with teams who are fully prepared to represent your brand, serve your customers, and deliver sales results.


  1. Benefit from a Focused Sales Force

By outsourcing your sales function to a company that specializes in driving sales revenue growth, your company can benefit from having a focused, full-time sales team whose only objective is to sell and help drive revenue. Cydcor’s sales teams understand how to quickly and efficiently make an impact on customers. While your internal team works to develop your business, a dedicated outsourced sales and marketing team will be calling on decades of expertise, experience, and sales cycle knowledge to acquire new customers to fuel that growth.


  1. Pay for Performance

While it’s certainly important to partner with the right outsourced sales solution provider, entrusting companies like Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales and marketing services, offers the benefits of reduced financial risk: Your organization will only pay for the results it gets.


  1. Lean on Sales Expertise

Working with an outsourced sales and marketing leader gives your company the opportunity to take advantage of years of experience in direct customer acquisition. Outsourced sales and marketing has been one of the best-kept secrets of some of the best-known brands and Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada for more than 20 years. With well-honed, face-to-face and multi-channel customer acquisition techniques, outsourcing can deliver faster, better results through a tested sales approach to help your company achieve its revenue goals.


  1. Scale Up or Down More Easily

Outsourcing provides a level of flexibility that might be too costly and demanding of resources to attempt internally. Outsourced sales specialists are built to handle rapidly changing sales needs and can quickly grow programs or shift resources where they are needed most to keep costs down and maximize productivity and results.

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  1. Pilot to Perfection

Building effective sales programs can take months—if not years—of testing, adjusting, and applying learnings before coming across a winning formula. But by outsourcing to an expert sales company like Cydcor, companies can take advantage of years of experience developing programs that swiftly deliver results. We understand how to quickly gather and apply data, adjust pricing, and create impactful offers and incentives to acquire more customers and increase revenue. Our sales processes have been honed and developed based on thousands of customer interactions, and our clients have been reaping the benefits.


  1. Improve Speed to Market

Onboarding new clients and launching new programs can be challenging for internal marketing departments who may not have the infrastructure and resources in place to handle the additional workload. Cydcor, however, has a tested pilot program through which we’ve launched dozens of new campaigns. We can quickly and easily mobilize teams to introduce new products and establish territory. In addition, our experienced, in-house marketing team works in partnership with our internal sales campaign management team to develop a marketing plan including specialized brand materials and sales collateral catered toward our unique customer acquisition approach.


By outsourcing your organization’s sales and marketing functions to a leader in outsourced sales like Cydcor, your company can empower your internal team, while ensuring consistent sales results. Enlisting Cydcor’s help to build a world-class sales and marketing program gives organizations a competitive edge allowing them to save money, acquire customers faster, rapidly boost revenue, and quickly and efficiently growth their business.

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