September 14, 2016

8 Major Keys to Professional Success

8 Major Keys to Professional Success Cydcor
Master these 8 aspects of professionalism to set yourself apart from the competition.

As a professional, you’re judged by your actions, abilities, results and your attire. Your job is to represent your company and clients to the best of your ability. Cydcor prides itself in being able to set-up its employees for success, and earn their way to the top. To get the respect of both your peers and clients, there are some major key strategies to follow. The following major keys are perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to do better.

Communicate Effectively

Let your customer know exactly how you can help them, and listen – really listen – to their needs. Be thorough in your explanations and don’t leave any questions unanswered. Make sure your customer understands both you and your product 100 percent.

Be Visible

Don’t stay under the radar; the key to success is to make a name for yourself. Speak up in meetings, take on new work and be an active participant in team projects. Let others know who you are and see what you can do.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth when you start a new job or take on new clients. If you’ve been a stellar employee, ask for a raise. Let go of the fear and learn how to negotiate. Your confidence in your work as well as the effect your accomplishments have on the business you are part of can guide you through the process.

Shake Hands

It seems like such a small detail, but a handshake is a common first impression on which many are judged. Always offer your hand to clients, senior staff and hosts right away, and keep your shake firm. People will remember.

Have/Be a Mentor

There is always something new to learn. Seek out advice and knowledge from those who’ve been in the game longer, and ask them to help guide you through your career. Finding a mentor that works for you can give you a different perspective on how your career is going. On the flip side, be willing to give the same guidance to those who are new to the game.

Say No When Needed

It’s okay to say “no.” You are not required to take on extra tasks that will overburden your already hefty workload or take on work that makes you uncomfortable. Stop feeling bad when you can’t do a favor for a teammate. If you have to say “no,” do it, and then don’t feel guilty.

Say Thank You

Courtesy goes a long way. So does appreciation. Let your team know you are thankful for the work they do and the help they give. Let a customer know you truly value their business. It’s a simple statement that says so much, especially when the receiver wasn’t expecting to hear it.

Put Customers First

No, this doesn’t mean the customer can do no wrong; it means that customer satisfaction is the backbone of your business. If there’s a problem, fix it. If there’s a question, answer it. If you have a good rapport with a loyal customer, find ways to show them how much you value their business. Never forget that they are a big part of your career, and their satisfaction with your business determines future successes.

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