January 22, 2016

A Positive Attitude Will Make You Better at Business

A Positive Attitude Will Make You Better at Business Cydcor WordPress
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Becoming positive is a choice, a state of mind, and a feeling. Optimism is an essential component for developing a positive attitude.

Have you ever had to resolve a tough situation involving an unhappy customer? If so, then you know just how important—and how game changing—having a positive attitude can be. Where pessimism would work against you, optimism helps focus your energy, find opportunities, and solutions in the face of adversity.

A positive attitude is crucial for anyone who works in sales. Below, we’ve provided some techniques you can use to develop the positive attitude required to provide your team and your customers with the solutions they need.

Optimize Each Opportunity

Here’s a secret for crafting a positive attitude: The specific assignment doesn’t matter. What matters is how you approach the task at hand. If all you can see are problems, write them down and find solutions to turn them around. If you need support, ask for insight from your team members or supervisor. You do have the power to be the positive change!

Win With Words

Change your vocabulary. Say things like, “I’m going to learn a lot from this assignment” instead of “But I don’t know how to do any of this!” Not only will this help you keep a positive attitude, but it will also influence your team members to do the same.

Look at each part of the challenge with a solutions-minded attitude. Every element is an opportunity and an invitation to succeed. Every assignment you receive provides an opportunity to improve your success and prove your value.

Contradict Complainers

You will always encounter complainers. When you run into one, ignore their comments. Nod, smile, say thank you, and then get back to work. Your steady progress and ultimate achievement may even convince them it’s time to change their point of view.

Banish Bad News

Negativity is also found in the news, on social media, and professional publications related to your industry. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you should reject the impulse to support and spread bad news. Play inspirational music instead of engaging with negative content.

Practice Positive Visualization

See yourself closing the deal before you start a conversation with your customer. If your first call of the day doesn’t work out, say to yourself, “Every sales call is different.” If someone changes their mind, remind yourself that, “I’m creating a positive experience for my customer, and satisfied customers are more likely to stay—and less likely to spread dissatisfaction.”

Perfecting a positive attitude takes practice. To maintain a motivated mindset, schedule ten minutes every day to read an inspirational book, speak to your mentor, or review messages that inspire you with feelings of strength and hope. Making a date with motivation every day will improve your chances of developing a powerful positive attitude.

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