April 3, 2014

Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

In this installment of Cydcor Reviews, Miriam Caballero reviews Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller.

Description of the book:  This is the story of a lawyer who after practicing law for a few years, he realized he was not happy at all. He realized there were many things that he disliked and decided to change his job. In the process of finding what this new job should be, he realized there was more to do than just look for another job for him to do.

Throughout his struggle of finding the right job for him, he learned that in order for him to be happy, his happiness did not depend of his job. He learned that all this time the change needed to take place within him. This is where he learned that his attitude was the key factor to determine whether or not he would be happy or not.

Why Cydcor Leaders recommend this book: This is an easy read story many people could relate to. The author does a great job at giving examples of the negative thoughts he had based on the circumstances he was facing and the impact these negative thoughts had in his life. Once the reader is able to understand the struggles the author is explaining in his book, is easier to understand what the author is trying to explain. In this case, the message the author wants to get across is that in order to be happy, people must have a great attitude in everything they do. The author references a quote by Charles Popplestone, “You can’t always control circumstances. But you can control your own thoughts.”

Miriam’s favorite part: My favorite part of this book is when he explains how “everyone starts with a clean mental window”. The author explains that children view their life through a sparkling clean window. They are fearless and willing to get up no matter how many times they fall down. But there comes a point where life starts throwing dirt at their windows in the form of criticism, rejection, disappointments. This dirt starts to pile up and they no longer see life in the way they used to. They are not able to see things as they are and their attitude starts to change.


Cydcor Reviews Attitude is Everything