October 14, 2016

Becoming a Customer Service Expert

Becoming A Customer Service Expert - Cydcor
These skills are worth developing to leave every customer feeling satisfied and taken care of.

At the heart of everything we do at Cydcor is a commitment to first-class customer service. There are lots of tips out there on how to provide a great experience to your clients, but ultimately, your ability to give excellent customer service comes down to the following seven pieces of advice.

Be real

When you bring your own personality to a conversation, it shows. Your customer will trust you more if he or she can sense that you are doing more than providing robotic, scripted answers.

Listen actively and patiently

Most people don’t get to the true nature of their issue until they’ve been talking for a while. Don’t start formulating your answer when the customer is halfway through her sentence. Instead, wait until they’re finished speaking—and then repeat what they said back to them. This will allow them to clarify anything you may have misunderstood. Active Listening is key to improving communication skills.

Have a deep knowledge of your product

Nothing makes a customer happier than a representative who is able to explain everything about the product being offered. This will allow you to speak confidently about your product even if she or he goes “off the script” of standard questions. It will also amplify your persuasion skills.

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Simple conversation and small talk can get you places with customer service. When you are speaking with a customer, make sure he understands what you’re saying. Avoid jargon. Remember what you’ve promised—take notes right after your conversation—and be sure to follow through.

Work on your acting skills

Even after dozens of “nos,” you need to be able to greet each customer with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude. If you’re feeling a bit deflated, give yourself a personal pep talk and put on your game face for each customer you greet. You’ll be much more likely to get that “yes” you’re hoping for.

Use positive language

Instead of saying “I can’t” and giving reasons why you can’t—which a customer may view as making excuses—explain what you can do for them and when you’re going to do it. Customers react much more positively when they get specific answers and a concrete time frame for when their request will be fulfilled.

Be willing to learn

Watch a more experienced representative in action and see what he or she does to make customers happy. Enroll in professional development classes. Read books on the product you’re representing or on the art of excellent customer service. Willingness to learn will not only help you make your customers happy, it will get you noticed by your mentors and give you more opportunities to grow in your career.

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