July 13, 2016

Being Resilient Is a Key Factor in Sales Success

Cydcor WordPress Being Resilient Is a Key Factor in Sales Success
Facing challenges with a positive approach is easier when you become resilient.

Resilience is a skill that teaches you to transform obstacles into opportunities. It helps you to see one rejection as a small part of a bigger picture: your career. Here are four methods you can try to help you build resilience. Developing this trait is an ongoing process, but at Cydcor, we recognize its importance for both new and experienced salespeople.

Celebrate Your Gifts

Resilience takes practice. To develop a resilient personality, you need to celebrate your gifts. What are you good at doing? What activities or tasks do you do that earn praise? Write these moments down and refer to them when you’re facing a struggle.

Strengthen Your Networks

Reaching out to your network provides a fresh perspective when you’re trying to understand how to solve a problem. Your contacts can provide positive professional and personal feedback needed to strengthen your resilience. They can also encourage and inspire you to try again, which is what resilient people always do.

Do Something About It

A resilient person takes action when they encounter a problem. Don’t get lost in negativity. Examine your situation and find ways to improve your performance. For example, if your customers need more time to make a purchasing decision, come up with a few options that identify customers with similar purchasing cycles. This strategy allows you to focus on when people are ready to buy.

Take Care of Yourself

Resilience is easier to access when your body and mind are in top condition. Eat healthy food, exercise, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. Take regular mental breaks during the day to reduce stress and strengthen your focus. Think of resilience as a muscle. You’ve got to train it and give it rest in order to build and maintain strength that will last you for the long haul.

Resilient people control their situations and depend on their skills, not luck, to move forward in their profession. They’re able to maintain steady progress on their career path even when they face obstacles along the way and develop strategies that help them to maintain a positive outlook.

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