July 22, 2016

Best Practices for Using Twitter for Networking

Cydcor Best Practices for Using Twitter for Networking
Here’s how to use Twitter at its maximum potential, build engagement with current and potential customers, and grow your company’s online community.

Twitter was created to build social networks, support conversations and increase engagement between individuals and communities. A successful Twitter strategy requires your full participation. You need to do more than share stories about your company, product or service. A successful Twitter strategy requires that you share messages that matter.

At Cydcor, we value communication skills and encourage our employees and sales associates to always tell engaging stories. Use your Twitter account to share news about your company and a bit of your own personality. Here are some strategies for optimizing Twitter for work.

Short and Tweet

Each tweet is limited to 140 characters. Write shorts tweets that start conversations or encourage conversations to continue. Ask a question. Offer a resource. Keep your comments professional but not too formal. Quality content leads to more shares, garners better engagement and grows your online community.

Tweeting on Time

You may be sharing the best messages ever shared on Twitter, but if no one sees them, then they’re not having an impact. You might want to try scheduling your tweets to be published when users are online and will notice them. Hootsuite and Buffer are two online platforms that allow you to schedule your tweets. Research suggests that most people check their tweets at lunchtime.

Learn to Use #Hashtags

#Hashtags allow users to search tweets for topics that interest them. Create a series of hashtags related to your company. Your company name, product names and terms relevant to your industry make good hashtags. For example, if you work in the travel industry, you could use #vacation to engage followers interested in planning a trip.

Create Quality Content

Use words that everyone will understand—not just others in your industry. It helps to engage potential customers by creating useful content that solves problems. Before posting a tweet, ask yourself if your followers will find your message useful and worth sharing.

Twitter is a great tool to add to your selling strategy. It provides you with a platform and a voice to attract new followers and customers. Put these skills into practice and you may soon see more opportunities for success.

What strategies do you use to make Twitter work well for you? Share your thoughts on Twitter and be sure to follow @Cydcor on Instagram to learn more about our company and our culture.

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