March 20, 2013

Bowling and Movies = Successful Operation Smile Fundraisers!

Operation Smile photo for press release

In recent weeks, we’ve had two fundraisers for Operation Smile that have raised significant funds. This demonstrates what we know:

#1. Once we all put our minds to something, we can achieve it

#2. We won’t stop until we meet our overall fundraising goal for Operation Smile!

Here’s info about what we did:

Bowling Night

The Cydcor Bowling Night raised more than $880 for Operation Smile. Approximately 75 team members, their family and friends, and Business Building Block attendees (sales professionals from independent sales companies who were in town attending a networking event at Cydcor’s corporate office) came to the event.  We were creative with our “highlighter” theme, sporting highlighter goatees, jerseys, vests and ties, and much more.

Movie Night

The Cydcor Movie Night took place at the local Muvico Thousand Oaks for a screening of a popular children’s movie.  A total of $755 was raised; 151 tickets were sold at $5 each. Some of the tickets purchased by Cydcor team members were donated to families at EARTHS Academy, a local elementary school. During pre-ticket sales at the theater, celebrity Jamie Foxx purchased several tickets – demonstrating a widespread support of the organization.

Next week, we’re having a fundraiser at a local Italian chain eatery and we can’t wait to see how much we will raise!