July 12, 2023

Change, Innovation, And Execution – This Story of Entrepreneurship Will Inspire You in Business

Change, Innovation, And Execution - This Story of Entrepreneurship Will Inspire You in Business

We contract with companies that are owned and managed by entrepreneurs – these entrepreneurs all have proven track records in sales and are who we choose to outsource campaigns on behalf of our clients with. These independent companies are constantly executing on innovative ideas and driving change. This story comes from one such company: Trig Inc., which adopted satellite technology to succeed at PRIDE in Columbus, Ohio.

To succeed in entrepreneurship, you have to be open to change and be ready to innovate. Beyond that, you have to be willing to execute – as new technologies, approaches, and strategies only become useful once they’re acted upon.

We are always being inundated with stories of change, innovation, and execution – which inspire us to do the same thing within our own business.

One of these stories occurred recently, when business owner Adrienne Peddicord, President of Trig, Inc., and her team attended PRIDE in Columbus, Ohio, to work on a campaign. They had been there the year prior – and a turnout of 1.7 million people had put such a load on the cell towers that the entire area lost service. 

Because the Trig Inc. team uses contactless enrollment, last year’s outage had deterred their efforts. This year, determined to succeed at 2023 PRIDE, Peddicord and her team sought to evolve their services.

Be Open to Change:

The network connectivity provided by cell towers works – most of the time. But those who create change and push the envelope as leaders and entrepreneurs, don’t just accept when something only works most of the time

Elon Musk is one of those people – and Starlink, one of his many companies, continues to expand our understanding of how network connectivity can work. 

Starlink offers internet, mostly in remote areas, using satellites flying in low orbit. With the ability to bring internet access to places where cell towers aren’t even present, surely the service could serve as a reliable backup in the likely event service went down at Columbus PRIDE.

This year’s event ended up drawing a whopping 2.3 million people from the LQBTQ+ and ally community – over half a million more than the crowd that had shut down service at the prior year’s PRIDE. 

The first step is to be open to change – and while Starlink isn’t a widely adopted technology (and still needs work to rival the low latency of cellular), Peddicord and her team at Trig Inc., knew that they needed to do something different. They went into the PRIDE event ready to give the satellites a shot.

Be Ready to Innovate:

This openness to change paid off. 

“As the parade came to an end,” Peddicord recalls, “so did our service – as people swarmed in. But despite the towers going down, we were still in business!”

But introducing a new way of doing things means bringing up a whole new set of problems. That’s why innovation requires a readiness to solve problems as they come up. 

“There were two very small hiccups where we lost the satellite connection,” Peddicord says. When this happened, her team got in touch with us, via our Cydcor help desk.

The companies we contract with operate independently, but we are around to provide consultation related to our clients’ sales orders to help optimize the sales campaigns. The two times that the Trig Inc. team’s connection to the Starlink satellites went down, Cydcor’s support team were able to collaborate on a solution.

“Moments after opening a ticket,” Peddicord says, “Cydcor’s IT team reached back out and within minutes – both times – we were back up and running.”

Instead of being phased by curveballs, the Trig Inc. team kept problem solving. The result was a day of innovation.


In the end, you can be open to change and ready to innovate, but if you’re not willing to execute – it’s all one big waste.

Entrepreneurship requires doing – and that’s what the Trig Inc. team did – for the entire Columbus pride event. It doesn’t matter if you have every satellite in space working for you – if there isn’t a team on the ground ready to put in the work of serving people, these innovations would be worthless.

All in all, the Trig Inc. team secured over 500 enrollments that day – furthering the reach of the client, bringing solutions to the client’s customers, and celebrating PRIDE along with the rest of the Columbus community. 

“We came together and were able to pull off this success,” Peddicord says. “This wouldn’t have been possible without everyone being so open minded to this new idea.”

We continue to be inspired by the independent businesses we contract – and the entrepreneurs behind them. Learning from this story, how will you be open to change, ready to innovate, and willing to execute?