October 26, 2005

Cydcor Evolves Operations to Support Outsourced Sales Force for Clients

Cydcor, the leading outsourced sales company in the business to business market, attributes its continued success to the same reasons Cydcor’s clients seek its services – quality, efficiency, speed, and securing a leadership position in the marketplace.

Cydcor’s ability to evolve at a pace to keep its clients competitive in the marketplace came with Cydcor’s capacity to streamline and improve its own operations. “Over the years, the nature of our business and the business of our clients has become more competitive and more complex,” stated Gary Polson, Cydcor CEO. “It is vital for us to ensure Cydcor is a nimble and proficient company so we can support our clients more quickly and cost-effectively than they can support themselves.”

“It’s hard to imagine how sophisticated we’ve become in such a short period of time,” states Vera Uzelac, Cydcor Vice President of Operations. “We have re-engineered a manual paper-intensive system of processing sales that used to take hours… and sometimes even days, to an automated, data-driven system that can process sales in minutes with even greater accuracy.”

Uzelac, who has been involved with the Cydcor for more than a decade, would know. She remembers when Cydcor handwrote some 250 checks a week and manually stuffed them in envelopes lined up and down the long hallways of the office, instead of using Electronic Funds Transfer.

Cydcor’s proven track record for many for leading brands in the office products, telecommunications and financial services using the most original direct marketing approach, face-to-face sales, has taken on a degree of sophistication. Cydcor’s efficient operations and quality systems enable Cydcor to offer a speed-to-market advantage to its Fortune 500 client base.


Gail Michalak, 818-706-9500