September 16, 2015

Cydcor Reviews ‘Conscious Business’

Cydcor Reviews Conscious Business
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About Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values by Fred Kofman

Consciousness plays a large role in organizational business. Building a conscious business means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through work, according to author Fred Kofman. A conscious business also continually builds a viable way to pursue happiness for many of its employees. It calls for solid performances through its community and the dignity of each shareholder. Conscious Business is the definitive resource for achieving what really matters in the workplace and beyond.

Why Cydcor Reviews recommends this to future leaders:

The most difficult parts about starting or running a business is the amount of overtime work needed, the stressful deadlines, and the thought of being overworked without a secure future. The real challenges that make or break an entrepreneur’s success require dealing with their own integrity, priorities, and conflicts with others people. Conscious Business analyzes those challenges and offers many different tools and strategies of how we can manage them and come out ahead having built a stronger foundation and a stronger company. This book is grounded in the harsh challenges of reality in business, such as understanding that failure is never an option and success is not always achieved. It’s a great starting point for business professionals to realize it takes a lot to make it on top, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Our favorite part:

Conscious Business contains many techniques to improve organizational greatness. The book’s chapters present techniques on building unconditional responsibility, succeeding with integrity, improving communication and speaking the truth, be accountable with commitments, and how to be the ultimate source of leadership. This book creates a tool set for organizational learning that can be applied to any day-to-day business culture. It’s a quick read with worthwhile knowledge to take away.