June 24, 2014

Cydcor Reviews ‘Instant Analysis’ By David J. Lieberman

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Here is Cydcor’s review of Instant Analysis: How You Can Understand and Change the Most Common Self-Defeating Behaviors and Habits By David J. Lieberman.

About Instant Analysis: This book is a unique look into the self-help and pop-psychology category, providing a practical formulaic approach for improving your life in a very readable format. It looks to offer practical suggestions and strategies for transforming one hundred of the most common self-defeating behaviors and habits, including fear of failure, procrastination and superstition.

Cydcor recommends this book to future leaders because: There’s a wealth of information that the author brings that is useful for every reader, especially those looking to be involved in leadership positions. No one is immune from the emotional fragilities that accompany life, and while some people are more stable than others, each person has experienced self-doubt. Lieberman addresses many of these circumstances by identifying the problem, analyzing the situation and offering a solution.

Thus, when you are able to identity and admit self-defeating habits, you have taken the first step to conquering the problem. As he writes, “This is accomplished by looking objectively at specific behaviors that usually go unnoticed or unexamined. As you begin to question these behaviors, you will get in the ‘habit’ of not being in the habit.”

By going through 100 chapters, you will be able to with many unnoticed behaviors you yourself might do.

Our favorite part: Lieberman is very clear about the intended audience for Instant Analysis. “Most people are almost happy. They’re so close to being the kinds of people they want to be, living the kinds of lives they want to live, yet they are stuck in a mental rut.”

The author acknowledges the difficulties of direct introspection and concentrates on assisting the reader by “cutting away the clutter” and illuminating behaviors that have become an automatic response mechanism. He also has a plain and engaging writing style. The nutshell summaries are well written and provide a good overview of the topics. The suggestions for change are simple, powerful, and (theoretically) easy to implement.

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