April 10, 2015

Cydcor Reviews ‘The Hard Things About Hard Things’

About The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz

Hard Things is Ben Horowitz’s guide to things you don’t typically learn in business school. Most of this book is a summary of practical wisdom about handling the hardest problems related to starting a business. It may be exciting to jump into the business world, but it is difficult as well. Horowitz analyzes the different kinds of problems that leaders deal with today, even ones that people tend to not think about. This includes insights on managing, selling, investing, and developing a business. This is an ideal book for veteran entrepreneurs.

Why Cydcor recommends this to future leaders:

Horowitz never glorifies starting a business; he tells it straight that many people fail, and why. Many entrepreneurs or start up business owners will agree. It takes a certain type of person to succeed in this world, and that person must make hard decisions on a daily basis. Horowitz does great at defining what it means to be a CEO and summarizes it well. It requires courage to stand up for your decisions and to be able to sell others on your choices.

Our favorite part:

Although the book doesn’t make any guarantees, it’s still very insightful for anyone interested in seeing behind the scenes of the business world. What you hear on the news or read online is nothing close to the real thing. Someone would find a lot of value in this book if they planned to open a business in the near future. Horowitz is also a hip-hop fan, and he uses lyrics form his favorite songs to prove a few of his points. His playful attitude is a great way to understand difficult decision-making.

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