October 31, 2013

Cydcor Reviews Talent Masters

cydcor reviews talent masters
Cydcor reviews Talent Masters

Cydcor Reviews Talent Masters

Cydcor review by: Gail Michalak, Chief Marketing Officer at Cydcor

Book: Talent Masters by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan

Description:  This book is a description of how to judge exceptional talent within organizations and how to leverage that talent into success for the business.  Bill Conaty has worked closely with legendary CEO Jack Welsh of General Electric and Ram Charan is a consultant that has worked for large corporations all over the world.  Both authors contend that smart leaders put their people first, which leads to better revenue and company culture.  Much like Talent Wars, the previous Cydcor Review, Talent Masters details an effective system for managing talented team members and getting the best results.

Why people should read Talent Masters: Leaders should read this book to learn ways to move talent from the lower rungs up the corporate ladder.  This is the best way to assure teams perform at their top level.  Entry-level employees should read this to take notice of what traits to embody and how to prepare for success at a higher level.  Any professional can benefit from this book by learning how to think about running a team or an organization more effectively.  The book is also a good reminder that top performers at one level won’t necessarily perform the best at all levels.

My favorite part: Differentiation breeds meritocracy, sameness breeds mediocrity.  This is a good way to summarize the idea of celebrating the individual talents of employees and how to capitalize on their strengths.  It is also important to remember that recruiting people from other companies is often a good way of bring fresh ideas and more energy to a position, as long as the new person can assimilate into company culture.

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