April 16, 2012

Cydcor Team Creates Literacy Kits for Local Elementary School

A message from Vera Quinn, chief operating officer

Once again, Cydcor team members tapped into their creative brains to provide a valuable experience to the kids at EARTHS Magnet School! Together, they created 50 literary kits in conjunction with the United Way of Ventura County, then personally donated them to the faculty. The literacy kits were designed to enforce reading and improve reading comprehension through games, worksheets, and crafts. The theme of the book that was selected to be included in the kit – habitats – aligned perfectly with the current theme of the school. Not only that, but the school was so overjoyed that they requested the original files of the worksheet and habitat game so that they could be translated into Spanish for ESL students.

There was a lot of detail and hard work that went into this project. We went above and beyond what was expected and made a real impact on the lives of children in our local community. The kit will be entered into the Ventura Corporate Games charity category as well. We have an awesome team!