December 4, 2015

Cydcor’s 2015 Thanksgiving Food Drive Supports Local Families

Cydcor voluteers collect food and deliver them to families in need for Thanksgiving 2015.
Cydcor voluteers collect food and deliver them to families in need for Thanksgiving 2015.

Once again this year, Cydcor team members organized a Thanksgiving Food Drive where several Cydcor employees donated and delivered food to families in need.

Cydcor’s Thanksgiving Food Drive was organized to benefit Earths Magnet Elementary School in Newbury Park, CA. The National Wildlife Federation Fund has recognized this school as one of the Top 10 Eco-Schools in the country, meaning that it uses environmental education as a platform for teaching students about technology, engineering, and math. Students learn the importance of creating sustainable businesses. Working with the support of the school, Cydcor encourages community sustainability with this annual food drive. Being able to provide families in need with a Thanksgiving dinner year-after-year allows the Cydcor team to support people in a meaningful way.

Cydcor employees readily volunteer because they’re organized, skilled at getting things done, and ready to take on any opportunity they meet—especially if it’s one that helps struggling families and strengthens community connections.

“It is amazing to see a group of people come together and be so passionate about helping others in need. Holidays are about spending time with loved ones, and I am happy we can contribute and make a difference for these families,” explained one Cydcor volunteer.

Many Cydcor employees donated food and raised enough money to provide meals for 90 families. In addition, Cydcor’s executive team donated a total of $1,800 through payroll deductions, which allowed the organizers to purchase $20 Vons gift cards for each family.

Cydcor has taken the time to examine the true meaning of Thanksgiving bounty and thankfulness. The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive expresses the company’s core values and commitment to caring for community members suffering difficult times. Cydcor continues its tradition of nurturing the community and turning need into an opportunity—so that families in need can see a future that is just a little bit brighter.

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