March 26, 2012

Cydcor’s Gardening Event at EARTHS Magnet School a Smashing Success

This past Saturday, Cydcor team members, along with the principal and teacher from EARTHS Magnet School, celebrated spring by participating in the school’s first gardening day! During the course of the day, the group pulled weeds, helped design and work on a butterfly garden, trimmed trees, and cleaned and completed other garden areas on campus. Cydcor has been working with the school for many months, tutoring children, providing meals for families over the holiday season, and creating a “giving tree” over the holidays, which allowed Cydcor team members to personally buy a gift for an individual child. This community outreach has taken a personal turn for many team members, who have found that working together to help others aligns perfectly with Cydcor’s mission – and their own.

With the volunteer help Cydcor provided, the school is now able to execute plans they’ve had in the works for awhile, but didn’t have the budget or time to complete. With Cydcor’s assistance, they are able to accomplish many of these goals. Cydcor’s goal? To continue volunteering and working with the school to create useful programs for the school. When Cydcor puts its mind to something, it can accomplish anything.