May 10, 2024

Cydcor’s Spotlight on Three Kick Ass Entrepreneurs

Celebrating three innovative game-changers. 

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Here at Cydcor, we foster and celebrate a community of entrepreneurial ass kickers, while priding ourselves on being unmatched in our drive to help emerging companies achieve their goals. And while our expertise is what we believe sets us apart from the rest, this article shifts the focus to industry giants who are now changing the lives of others.

It’s easy for titans such as the three people below to celebrate their global success and ride off into the sunset, but the mark of a great leader lies in inspiring others to hit the heights they themselves once aspired to achieve. 

At Cydcor; “we’re a people-helping-people business.” The following three entrepreneurs have followed suit, building brands that have resulted in thousands of jobs being created – while also making the world a better place. 

The following three entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with:

  1. Jessica Alba
Honest is a labor of love for Jessica Alba
Honest is a labor of love for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s Honest is currently disrupting the multiple consumer product market all while creating a community for conscious customers. Having stepped down from her role as CEO in early April 2024, she continues to provide strategic advice to the company she founded as a labor of love. 

Valued at $550m in 2022, Honest has been led by Alba’s dedication to accountability and integrity. Much like her career in the Hollywood spotlight, she admits to putting pressure on herself to achieve optimal results. “The business kept me in a constant state of pressure, sort of like a hamster wheel,” she reflects. 

Alba’s decision to start from scratch came from an innate desire to find that fearlessness she experienced as an up-and-coming actress. “You can’t really fail if you try,” she points out. “Besides, there were no real expectations for me to be successful at anything.”

With her staunch mantra that ‘women can excel in life, and should be treated with fairness,’ Alba created Honest with the goal to introduce products that women can trust. “I knew {when I started} that there needed to be someone to show the world the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion with regards to brand values,” Alba says. “I’m glad I could fill that void.”

  1. Leila Hormozi
Leila is an ARCHITECT when it comes to scaling businesses.
Leila is an ARCHITECT when it comes to scaling businesses.

A first-generation Iranian-American entrepreneur, Leila Hormozi first came to prominence as a top-selling fitness trainer in the Orange County region of California. After helping to scale hubby Alex’s fourth business, and each one after that she branched out to the software, service, e-commerce, and brick & mortar industries, rising to brand positions in each of those companies while co-founding

The holding company for all of her brand ventures, Acquisition prides itself on ‘making real business education available to everyone’ with Hormozi’s philosophy that “the true measure of a leader is the ability to create other leaders.”    

With the company generating over $200m in annual revenue, Hormozi’s unbridled work ethic – likened to a ‘wartime’ battle, is matched only by her ability to let others in to celebrate the victories. “A win for one is a win for the other,” she told Entrepreneur

Hormozi’s no-frills, transparent approach to her businesses has resulted not only in the generating of millions in revenue but also a workplace culture that thrives on overcoming adversity. “Rather than shying away from hard work and responsibility, we encouraged it,” she shares. “We buckled down to reinforce our internal team culture to ensure there would be no error. Ultimately, we never want to make promises to our suppliers that we can’t keep.” 

  1. Serena Williams 
From the tennis court to the boardroom, Serena is killing it!
From the tennis court to the boardroom, Serena is killing it!

Serena Williams is new to the entrepreneurial game but is turning heads with her approach to the cosmetics industry. 

Having founded the appropriately named Wyn Beauty in early 2024, the former Grandslam tennis champion may have taken a step off center court but is well in the trenches when it comes to providing a service for those who are constantly on the run. 

“I needed something for my active lifestyle that included hours on the court,” she admits. “Wyn is long-lasting and designed for an active lifestyle that includes sweating and daily living.” 

And while stamina is the name of the game in the tennis industry, Williams cites her patience as a transferable quality to her brand endeavors. “I’ve learned to not rush things,” she says. “It took a long time to find ingredients that were clean, but the key is not to introduce a brand until I have it right.”

Stating her gratitude for having ‘the gift’ of a mentor, Williams believes it’s important for young women entrepreneurs to have an established woman to look up to. Williams leads by example, also leading a venture fund that primarily invests in businesses that are started by women of color. 

As these three entrepreneurs continue to kick ass and further their impact on the world, we at Cydcor will continue to do the same.

The entrepreneurial journey is never easy, but investigating the success of others is a great way to see what’s possible and push the limits yourself!

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