December 18, 2020

Cydcor’s Vera Quinn Adds Chief Executive Officer To Title

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vera Quinn has been named Cydcor’s Chief Executive Officer, the company announced earlier this week, adding CEO to Quinn’s title of President.

“To realize our vision of Cydcor as the global leader in outsourced sales and creating opportunity for generations, we need to ensure we have the best, most capable and proven leadership,” said Gary Polson, Cydcor’s outgoing CEO and newly titled Executive Chairman. “Vera has earned the title of CEO, which she’s been doing informally for years, and formally since the beginning of 2020. Vera truly embodies the power of Cydcor’s opportunity-based business we are committed to creating.”

Starting as a door-to-door sales representative more than 20 years ago, Quinn pursued her goal of becoming CEO with her hallmarks of passion, tenacity, and having a student mentality. She has held positions across multiple disciplines at Cydcor, each tapping into her strong leadership skills, business acumen, drive for growth, and commitment to results. Quinn was named Cydcor’s Vice President of Operations in 2005, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations in 2008, Chief Operating Officer in 2011, and President in 2015.

Quinn’s leadership role at Cydcor has included several game-changing initiatives for the company:

  • During the past five years as President, Quinn was responsible for client relationships and campaign growth resulting in Cydcor’s more than 35% revenue growth.
  • Complementing the company’s well-known business-to-business and residential sales segments, Quinn led Cydcor’s retail expansion which has consistently been the company’s fastest growing sales channel.
  • Quinn mobilized the organization to solve for face-to-face selling issues caused by the pandemic, leveraging the opportunity to develop and launch touchless selling technologies enabling the company to evolve and thrive with new strategies for customer acquisition.

“These vital initiatives propelled the business forward at a rate and in ways not seen before in our 26-year history,” said Polson. “This was all achieved under her leadership. I am confident that as CEO, she will continue to create even more successful initiatives in the future to grow our business.”

As Executive Chairman, Polson’s focus will be prioritizing Cydcor’s long term planning, overall health of the business, as well as the culture and development of people in the organization.

“As CEO and President, I remain committed to the two tenants of our business – first, wowing our clients by consistently coming through for them, and second, creating opportunity for the people in our business so they can achieve their professional goals,” said Quinn. “There is nothing more important than delivering for our people and our clients,” Quinn emphasized. “This is what has fueled our success in the past, just as it will in the future.”

Quinn studied political science and history at the University of Toronto. In addition to her role as Cydcor’s CEO and President, Quinn is the Executive Director of Liberty Children’s Home in Belize. She is active in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) serving as Vice Membership Officer since 2018.

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