October 23, 2015

Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cydcor Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Flickr CC via Kris Krug

“Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try.”

Mary Kay Ash, Sales Leader and Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Initially, an entrepreneur was a confident man or woman with a deep vision of business. They were convinced that their idea was going to be the solution thousands of customers needed. That’s still a valid definition of the word today or, at least, up to a point.

You know this type of entrepreneur if you’ve ever watched the television program Shark Tank. On each episode intrepid innovators make the pitch of their lifetime to a group of business experts—the sharks. Sometimes an idea that sounds a bit whacky when you first hear about it actually makes sense during the pitch. At other times a sensible idea falls apart fast when the people making the presentation haven’t done their homework.

But these entrepreneurs have an impulse: they want to do or make something better. They have professional insight that makes them believe in their ideas.

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Entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to billion dollar startups or someone working in their garage on the next-big-digital-thing. It’s possible to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit while you’re working just about anywhere. The key to developing one is to be open-minded, curious, and committed.

Developing your entrepreneurial spirit requires the correct mental motivation. You have to bring the right attitude to your work in order to develop the ability to see opportunity instead of obstacles.

Entrepreneurs work in a competitive space that requires courage. Many people are afraid of competing in business, but don’t back away from a struggle. Use the fear as a catalyst to awaken and engage your inner entrepreneur.

Here are some tips to help you find your entrepreneurial spirit:

You Get Things Done

An entrepreneur tests ideas and learns from the feedback. Act on your inspiration. Make a presentation that explains a new process. Share it with your team or your supervisor. If there is an extra assignment available take it on: an entrepreneur has the drive required to get it done, no matter what the obstacles may be.

You Take Thoughtful Risks

You’ve nurtured the ability to be agile and adaptable. You’re able to produce as part of a team but can also work on a project by yourself and frequently make strategic decisions. Understand that taking risks delivers rewards if you’re successful, but there could be problems if you fail. You’ve developed ease with risk because you’ve done the research. You don’t guess. You make thoughtful decisions that are integrated into your plan.

You Always Ask Questions

You’re uncomfortable with the status quo. There is always a way to improve processes and methods for doing routine things more effectively. You question accepted wisdom and aren’t afraid to speak out against the traditional way of doing things because your ideas will improve the process.

You Emphasize the Positive

You get excited when you face a challenge and enjoy pushing boundaries when you’re in pursuit of a goal. You never think about what you can’t do. You focus on the positive and get other people who work with you excited, too. If one approach doesn’t work, you have another option to try. You don’t find blame—you find solutions.

You Give Voice to Your Passion

Your enthusiasm for your work is captivating. It reveals your passion and the depth of your commitment to reaching your goals. You have a deep understanding of your industry and bring your energy and expertise to all phases of problem solving. When in doubt, remember these powerful words from Warren Buffet: “Without passion you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.”

Go ahead. Embrace the entrepreneur within. It’s time you did.

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